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I had not been paying attention and just thought she faked the whole pregnancy. I’m more and more convinced she did this when her mom was in the hospital like her friend told TRTMT. I don’t even see a doll in that picture though, just a wad of blankets. Of course you feel badly for her but I always felt the scene to be uncomfortably awkward, the innocent-yet-not scene of a kid playing with his pregnant teenage sister. Josh is expelled so she doesn’t have to see him in school but that doesn’t stop Nikkole from thinking about him so she agrees to meet Josh after school to talk. It’s not concrete proof but it’s pretty damn close. Out of all of the shitty selfish things that the girlses of this entire franchise have done over the last fiveish years, this is by far the shittiest and most selfish of them all.

I liked Nikkole on her episode and I felt for her but “fakebabygate” was one of the craziest stunts I’ve ever witnessed. Was obviously supposed to be a? It is done with great taste, class, complete respect and very tenderly. She’s not cool enough to own cats. Although i won’t lie I might get botox when I’m older much older! Just know that Nikkole is a fucking psychotic cunt rocket that is going straight to the bottom and everyone hates her and she’s going to have a miserable shitty life. I can’t imagine as a mother.

We are a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Seaeon, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide pregnwnt means for us to earn fees by linking to Amazon. She’s not cool enough to own cats. Not only was he disrespectful to everyone, as he openly admitted on the show, but there is a meanness and viciousness about him — which is a character trait not many people are ever able to rise above.


Agreed…I actually liked her on 16 and pregnant…. Sorry for my rant. Don’t fret over the downvotes. Nothing makes sense of slutballs situation.

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But that’s not what keeps me from doing stuff like that. She was going to swason my goddaughter. He has been in and out of trouble seen he was a teen. He was this clean cut looking kid on 16 and pregnant, but they always said he was on drugs…. His behavior was so disrespectful.

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I’ve been wanting them and my nose done for preegnant long as I can remember. I’ve never lost a child, but I know people who have and it’s sad. They’re all handmade as in by humans, episofe an assembly line but still with the use of sewing machines and every outfit is custom and free for the family.

The charge carries a penalty of two to 10 years. Jenelle is just as bad. I’ve never lost a child but was there as my sister did. The woman was frantic looking for it so we suspended her order. This is all according to the now defunct teen mom talk. I am not trying to say that the reporting is wrong or anything, The problem is with me just now trying to figure out what is going on.

I cannot believe she got so many people epsiode go along with her, as well. Both my best friends are due in September and if something happened to their children, I know that they’re strong sezson women but it would kill a part of them.

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She probably only pretended to be decent for the MTV cameras. I wanna buy me some boobs SO bad. Get yours bags packed. Nikkole says she has left Josh behind and that she realizes she should never let him, or anyone else, treat her that way.


I’m really hoping the article I read was a joke, but I’m thinking it wasn’t. How do you know?

I used to feel so bad for them. Sammy, my bank is the same way. The chance to make memories with them. Some people don’t have the guts to voice their opinion so they down vote anonymously instead. Josh was definitely an asshole, but knowing what we know now about Nikkole I can’t really blame him. I understand how it is, I’ve had two miscarriages, and I always think of them when their due dates pass She released this picture of her and her “stillborn son.

He said he couldn’t afford it which is why she’s getting off.

I’ve said that plenty of these people only care about themselves, but this niokole is in a league of her own. Josh is expelled so she doesn’t have to see him in school but that doesn’t stop Nikkole from thinking about him so she agrees to meet Josh after school to talk.

Not sure how that works now. You’re a fucking genius dude. Pregnabt she pisses me off. We have lovely handmade gowns and outfits, hats, booties and blankets and headbands that are donated. As in, “look sad about your dead brother” hanging his head.

I’m really sorry for what you’ve gone through. But if the baby’s already dead what is there to make comfortable for it?