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Vishwaveer visits a barren area and meets a man who has buried her daughter alive. At the same time, Kali shows up at the scene and infuriates Vishwaveer. On the other hand, Kaali, who escapes the thugs is met by a mysterious boy, who has dressed himself up in the attire of Lord Ram. Will Vishwaveer let the officers take Kaali with them? Keep watching the enrapturing episode of ‘Kala Teeka’ to find out. Kali has participated in the fancy dress competition where she calls herself ‘Nimbu-Mirchi’. The security does not let Vishwaveer enter Gauri’s classroom.

Vishwaveer decides to organize a party in honour of the child. Seeing their love for each other, Majira tells to herself that it would be nice, if Vishwa accepts Kali as his daughter too. Vishwaveer and his family reach Gauri’s school after they learn that her school has caught fire. Keep watching the enrapturing episode of ‘Kala Teeka’ to find out. Baal Veer Episode 30th December When the men insist that it is a government job and it cannot be delayed, Madhuri tells them the count of the members of her family but does not count Kaali in. Baal Veer – – Episode – 29th December, Wapsow. It talks about a wonderland, Pari lok, where all the fairies reside.

Shortly, Kaali brings Gauri out of the classroom and Vishwaveer rushes to her daughter’s aid. Rani Pari reveals Baal Pari that the time has arrived when Baalveer has to perform a task for which Tags: Vishwaveer claims that Kali would absorb all the evil energy that would get near Gauri. Baal Veer Episode 30th December Kali goes missing and this shocks everyone.

Just when the officers are about to leave Vishwaveer’s house, someone starts filling water in the tank in which Kaali is in. On the other hand, Manjiri tries her best to visit the police station and lodge a complaint regarding Kaali. The competition begins with Kali dressed as a chilli and lemon and seeing her, Manjira and Vishwaveer is flabbergasted. Keep watching the captivating episode of ‘Kala Teeka’ to find out. Vishwaveer and Madhuri’s happiness is short lived when the child suffers from a shortness of breath and is admitted to the hospital.


Meanwhile, Manjiri is sad as Kaali is not allowed to celebrate the festival. Download Baal veer episode 29th december Tags: He tells her that for over 80 years, his family has never borne a girl and he wishes to have a girl. Gauri then asks Kaali to pray. Cast Naina Yug Chaudhury.

Meanwhile, Raj Purohit is happy that Vishwaveer believed his lies. Finding this opportunity, Jethi Bhabhi says that Kaali needs to be punished for her mistake.

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Keep watching the captivating episode of ‘Kaala Playmaaz to find out. Vishwa declares to the guests that finally God has heard his prayers and a girl child has been born at their home. They are asked to kidnap Kaali and the thugs obey her orders.

Jeethi Maa tells Vishwaveer that the celebrations could attract an evil force to which Vishwaveer says that is exactly why he adopted Kaali to protect Gauri.

Kaali, who has armed herself threatens the thugs. Gauri meets Manjira and shares a funny conversation with her. Kaali tells Manjiri baaal she too epispde to see the world and to do that she will quit school too. She makes up her mind to cause harm to Kaali so that she can reach Gauri. The security does not let Vishwaveer enter Gauri’s classroom.

This confuses the thugs, who kidnap Gauri instead of Kaali. At the hospital, doctors try their best to revive his daughter. Vishaveer then playmaaz Kali to sit in the car and locks the door. Baal Veer – vder Episode – 29th December, He then digs the spot where the man told him he buried his baby girl.


Later, she meets a mysterious boy dressed as lord Ram and they talk about what food they can eat as they are hungry. Later, the doctor checks Gauri and Kali and tells Manjiri to ask Vishwaveer not to worry about her.

The gift is then shifted to Gauri’s classroom.

Baal Veer, is a kids based. Gauri tells her father that the kidnappers had taped her mouth and were talking about twenty lakh rupees.

Baal Veer Episode 29th December Tags: Just then, Gauri reaches the scene and eppisode out Kaali’s name in front of the men. What will the fate of Kaali be?

She tells Vishwaveer that he is educated and he cannot be superstitious. Kaali tells Gauri that she is sad because nobody loves her.

Kaali, makes a hole in the gift box and peeps out and repeats the rhymes taught by the teacher. Keep watching the captivating episode of ‘Kaal Teeka’ to find out. Gauri’s mother then announces a fancy dress competition and asks the guests to witness it.

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Jethi Maa seems furious about the fact that Kaali has been protecting Gauri, who will be possessing all the wealth that Neelkanth should have been getting. Jethi Maa also seems ever about that fact that Manjiri has been shielding Kaali against her all this while and hence she has been failing to reach Gauri. Full Episodes Baal Veer Episode 29th December Support the particular artist by simply purchasing the baal compact disc Baalveer 3gp Playmaza so the performer.