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The famous scene of boobies repelling bombs aka B vs B defense is finally out! I said that I’m gonna watch the next few episodes to see if it’ll get better. This type of madhouse ending was executed with Highschool of the dead, where they left the ending hanging, hinting a new season, but it never got one. If you try it, you will be lonely often, and sometimes frightened. Just my opinion though. It was decent enough for going through 50 chapters in 12 episodes. I agree with you on that.

Himiko X Ryouta and the kiss scene! Shiki just simply fell in love respect with the wrong person in the first place. I would’ve sliced her throat 3 times over if I got screwed over no pun intended by a lover. If your going to complain that Yu-Gi-Oh! BBCode “The world cannot be changed with pretty words alone. And I love how this looks like a “yes” for a second season and not ending the anime as a filler. I wonder where was the announcement of this change?

Couldn’t say anything about the plot. I would’ve sliced her throat 3 times over if I got screwed epiode no pun intended by a lover. Murasaki better have cut his had off as well at the very least. Hooray for forced narration? My only complaint with this episode is throughout the series I wish they seeded more of Taira going insane when he gets lost by himself.

I don’t remember the MC getting in-game married in the manga Love the characters especially the animeseaason girl. So glad that we got a good adaption. In the best hopes they will show more skin from this parts in the BDs. Seeing the Light Yagami look-alike squirm is very enjoyable.


Btooom! Episode 1 Discussion

An open ending kind of fit better for HOTD compared to something like this. Some off the top of my head Feel sorry for the man. I hope it evolves into a “collaboration and fight against the system” type of story kind of like Epsiodeinstead of sticking with the mundane battle royale route.

The helicopter was hinting of something interesting taking place on the island. Why does all the other peoples’ faces look so freaking creepy? Rocking the OP song. I wonder how they’re going to end the series anyways.

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Also gotta love those bomb repelling boobs. That first enemy bomber looks like he was on drugs, his eyes were creepy! Didn’t like this ep too much. There was that fat guy but another ones and if I recall correctly, one of those developers that was cheering for Sakamoto to win was just like the helicopter guy.

Why didn’t they kill Date? Yeah, if they kissed then they ended in the chapter 50 as expected. And it has come to this. D Next week’s episode is the final one and looks like Taira’s had enough is gonna go all out. Also as for the man in the heli I suppose it’s his xnimeseason.


When I was talking about the “fight against the system” stuff, that was simply what I was hoping for it to evolve into down the track. P but as I read before it looks like he is like that because of something, does anyone know if it naimeseason be censored?

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With this one however is truly impossible since there’s little to no original material. Kinda rushed overall but hopefully we will animfseason a season 2 in the future.

S It better get better in the next few eps. This show got worse as it went along. It’s not the mundane trite you make it out to be and all that wanting Btooom to be a fight against a system would be nice once there is a system to fight against. When you have Hime’s body in the spoiler I really loved this episode. I really am just tired of the “rumble-pit; fight to the death” premise. And I love how this looks like a “yes” for a second season and not ending the anime as a filler.

So far the series has done exactly what it should.