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Unknown April 6, at Cowsep’s Montage 2 – Hello Season 5. Ghufran Ali February 13, at Master Yi Guide Season 6. Hello I am also a yi main and I would like to get on that list x my name is: I’ve seen your videos. Trixen20 February 25, at 8: This list contains every official Yi Mains Only member’s main account name, joining date and server.

The name’s Dave, nice to meet you guys. P Summoner name is “Meldrake” and I would love to join. I don’t mind sharing some of my own Yi strats. Anonymous March 4, at 8: Season 7 Master Yi I come from NA. Unknown June 7, at 8:

I made a Yi only acc, called “Yilife”, cpwsep eb glad if i could join you: Unknown October 10, at I got over k points with Yi counted with my old account.

Cowsep as Master Yi (Tank Build)

I knew prior that this was group for Wuju Masters. Lhei Denn March 10, at 4: TJ Zhong February 13, at 6: Queso Ginjo March 19, at 2: League of Legends North America. The name’s Dave, nice to meet you guys.

Please use my video for your montages if you need to. Not Updated For Current Season. O shit waddup y’all it’s another main of our lord and savior, Yizus Christ!


Cowsep as Master Yi (Tank Build)

Unknown June 7, at 8: Unknown May 10, at Nexback k points lvl 7 mastery. Unknown September 3, at 4: Time for more early Cowsep! I got 14 Pentas and 58 Quadras also counted with my old Account. Terence Li October 29, at 1: Hi guys, i’m a seasonn main, i would like to join to the YIMO club.

Robinthelost February 28, at Steven Jerjes February 9, at 8: Bacon Dagger October 22, at 7: Unknown January 22, at Hiya guys, I’m a Master Msteries only player living in Korea.

What I meant by saying “sharing my own Yi mater was that I was really eager to share my own ideas with everyone else because I assume you all communicate, and assume that part of what you guys discuss is what works for them and what doesn’t.

I have been maining yi since season 4 but I recently started wanting to become better and learn more about the champion. P Summoner name is “Meldrake” and I would love to join.

Unknown October 30, at 2: Cowsep – Twitch Season 6 Nasus Cowsep Master yi builds. Unknown November 10, at Season 6 adaptation and sound by Pyro Lukasz Kaczmarek. Master Yi Guide Season 6.

BiscuitKid Seasoj 6, at Credit to Hudzen for the season 3 version and to DPatti massteries the original season 2 version. Unknown May 28, at 9: General information on how to play Ivern. Season 7 Season 6.


LoL Master Yi Jungle Build Guide – 5v5 NA – METAsrc

Master yi build season 4 solomid guides — Telegraph. Unknown October 17, at 9: I really liked to join but I still need to get to level 30 probably and get into some rank but I basically play yi all the time except for coupe occasions: How to play Master Yi in Season 6 and how to carry without using much of. Hi I am a platinum master yi main on eu west with a little over k masterypoints. I don’t mind sharing some of my own Yi strats.

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current.

Masteries for all champions in season 6. Unknown May 22, at 4: Name’s Alpha Mechanics on the NA server!

Unknown January 9, at 6: Dragosan8 October 26, at