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Barrage shows up to neutralize Lee but Finnwich turns him off, revealing that he made Barrage himself. It turns out that the room has a secret elevator and a Hypnosis system which leads to the underground room where Lee found the strange plug machine which turns out to be the reason the school except Lee and Biffy gets hypnotised. Search for ” Detentionaire ” on Amazon. Lee, with the help of Biffy, who still won’t forgive him, track down the Tatzelwurm. Meanwhile, Lee and the gang plan to break out of the cell when dinner is brought to the cell. To prove his suspicions, he sneaks out of detention to attend a

The series has been reviewed by Strange Kids Club [8] [9] and Toon Zone, [10] with the former also conducting an interview with one of the co-creators. However Lee has more pressing matters to attend to, he must deal with the 15th Graders or else they will daunt him for the rest of his high school life. Biffy shows Lee the teachers’ lounge and try to investigate. The development of the pilot episode was announced on September 21, At the school assembly, Mr Wurst, the former principal, returns. He eventually deprograms Cam, but when Lee and Cam ask Finnwich why he was talking to Barrage earlier, he disappears. Victoria tells Lee that she used to be a government officer, whose group was eliminated by Barrage, also a government officer. Lee is blackmailed by his self proclaimed girlfriend Brandy who forces him to attend a party of hers or else the fact that he’s been sneaking out of detention will be revealed.

Lee is narrowly able to avert the disaster as he doesn’t want Tina to have paint dumped on her and in the process learns the email address of the prankster, Radcircles ANigmahigh. Lee is able to convince Chaz to air ddtentionaire footage early so that he can watch it, discovering that it was Camillio who switched his bag.

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Photos Add Image Add an image Do you have any images for this title? Brandy agrees but Holger, trying make Brandy’s place unsuitable for a party, fetentionaire all the robo-babies’ eyes flash red and vomit goo, causing everyone to go home. Lee is able to hitch-hike his way back to school in time to be dismissed by Barrage.


Biffy Goldstien David Berni Tina arrives back with the rest of the gang with Lynch, and they go see Finnwich. Lee tries to tell the inspector that Barrage is evil but is rejected and is declared the reason for why the dftentionaire isn’t perfect, so he is expelled.

With the help of Holger and Biffy, he sneaks out deetntionaire detention but accidentally traps Biffy and Kimmie, caught spray-painting the fence as part of Biffy’s plan, in the detention room. While Lee has failed to find Radcircles, he vows to him in a deetentionaire that he will find him. Episodes have been made available in standard definition on the Canadian iTunes Store as they aired on Teletoon, currently spanning seasons 1, [20] 2, [21] and 3.

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Brandy tells Cam the “Glamazon Vote”, where they vote for a leader, is today and turns down his offer of help due to his reputation declining xetentionaire losing his presidency. Misunderstanding Lee’s intentions, they plot to rig the Student of the Week vote to come up as Principal General Barrage and dump the remaining paint on him on live TV along with the host Tina and Chaz.

Meanwhile, Cam and Brandy decrystallize him, but they are caught by a Wurst clone detentionaiee, and they eventually escape and decide to fight back at the Wurst clones. Meanwhile, the teacher clones wake up in the broken clone roomnow realizing they’re clones of other famous people with Sue, Lee’s mother, wonders detentionare she exactly is a clone ofwhile Barrage tries to get them out with the help of the Mr Wurst clones.

Audible Download Audio Books. I would recommend this show, I feel it’s very appealing to teens. When Cam tells Mr Wurst about him cheating, Barrage arrives and expels but Wurst insists he is principal and Cam will only be suspended. During their webcam conversation, Cam suggests the Serpent’s gathering of things from Lee’s family is related to cloning, or perhaps the Serpent is simply a fan. After two chances, Lee fails to escape the detention room and his punishment is permanent. Tina wonders aloud why Lee is asking about Jenny all detentionqire a sudden until she realised she is still being filmed.



Lee deduces that the pyramid can only be opened during an eclipse. During the fight, they reveal that the Serpent is in fact a Ping relative, and Cassandra raised and trained him on her side, before she and her men take him into the submarine to Coral Grove.

His popularity has slipped and Cam is now in the cool crowd. Lee and Tina, who is filming the scene, find Cassandra greeting a male council member holding a briefcase with something glowing inside.

The episode ends with Tina, upset that she can’t further her relationship with Lee due to the pact. Finnwich keeps the book, uses a viewing device to read it, and orders the group to go.

Lee is caught by Kimmie and Cassandra claims that she was never at the dance congratulating Lee. The story just gets better and better so if you’re looking for a good conspiracy-themed show, put this on your summer list!

On the first day of tenth grader, Dpisodes Ping is framed for a mind-blowing prank and thus is sentenced to one full year of detention and one full year of grounding. As he looks out 2 the city, he declares “I finally found you”.

The episode ends with Biffy, Lee, Tina and Jenny seated at detention. All four seasons are available for purchase on Amazon Video in the United States, both in high definition and standard definition.

Once inside Lee finds his father’s office and collects a photo of his family in Korea shortly after he was born, though when Lee dettentionaire Lynch bring Tina back everything is gone. Find showtimes, watch trailers, browse photos, track your Watchlist and rate your favorite movies and TV shows on your phone or tablet!