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From the get-go, pretty much right from episode 1, the loveline between Seo Young and Woo Jae was the thing that hooked me the most. However, her controlling mother sends her away to study overseas. In fact, you could even sort of partition the episodes into 3. Perhaps the most moving growth arc of all, is the one charted by the relationship between Seo Young and her father. I have a LBY allergy. You’re the Best, Lee Soon-shin. However, he does not reciprocate those feelings and makes it clear he wants his space to be respected. When this perfect guy decides to do something, he achieves his goals whatever it takes.

Despite sleeping together, they never consummate their marriage and maintained a “platonic marriage”. However, seeing how they are already in the midst of divorcing each other, Seo-young asks Sun-woo to keep the secret long enough for her to finalize the divorce and to leave the Kangs peacefully without inciting family strife. Because of that car impact to his abdomen, his internal injuries begin to cause serious pains in his stomach, and it eventually lands him the hospital. However, SeoYoeng’s mother passes away from heart disease because she was taken to the hospital too late, while SamJae is gambling away SeoYeong’s school fee. His father is a poor guy to him rather than a incompetent father like SeoYeong thinks. Perhaps because they give her the same type characters over and over?

When this perfect guy decides to do something, he achieves his goals whatever it takes. That was the drama she did after My Daughter Seo Young.

However, Mi-kyung gets too drunk and accidentally hints enough of the truth for her best friend, Kelly Jung Sun-woo Jang Hee-jina childhood friend who covets Woo-jae, to uncover the truth. In sayanglu own attempts to fix the situation, Sam-jae invited Woo-jae for a drink and to hear a story involving Seo-young’s past. Despite his anger against Seo-young’s life choices, he still loves Seo-young and decides to give up on Mi-kyung.

Filming was cancelled temporarily on December 18, when 30 actors who were members of the Korea Broadcasting Actors Union KBAU joined the strike to protest the network’s non-payment of overdue salaries. As yelng Sam-jae, he has moved on from his kids, feeling it is his time to let go and sayangkj him to focus on his life. So, if you’re at all curious about this show, I’d say why not give it a go?


I felt like she was just so frustrated by how her whole life had been messed up, that in a moment of recklessness, she decided to just go with it, and see where it took her. In the tables below, the blue numbers represent the lowest ratings and rdama red yeog represent the highest ratings.

However, Sang-woo now loves Ho-jung, assures her he is not leaving her, and finally embraces her as his wife. Sang-woo and Mi-kyung fall in love and want to marry each other, but when Sang-woo discovers Mi-kyung is not an orphan but the wealthy heir to the Zeo, he realizes it would risk exposing his sister. He was a good student, but he never got praised because of his genius sister.

After meeting Seo-young and spending time with her, he falls in love and secretly begins aggressively chasing her.

Partly, it was also because at 50 episodes, Sayxngku Daughter Seo Young was a big commitment, and I could think of many much more interesting places to spend those drama hours. Thanks to Seo-young’s educational assistance, Sung-jae has successfully entered college. Oh yes, Park Hae Jin as well, definitely. While Sang-woo was angry, he also uses this chance to break up with Mi-kyung, citing their social class differences is too great and that his heart changed after learning about her real identity.

In this era, the phrase “Blood is thicker than water” is no longer a truth. Lol, the Lee Sang Yoon beauty was my main driving force in checking out this drama! Credit to the writers, I found all the back-and-forth between Woo Jae and Seo Young believable and well-reasoned; I could easily believe the decisions they each made, and the emotions driving those decisions.

Despite being told to be given space, Ho-jung cannot help herself and always finds an excuse to see Sang-woo. Woo-jae at first does not know who Sang-woo is, but when he realizes Sang-woo is his brother-in-law, Woo-jae realized Sang-woo is doing this to protect his wife’s secret and tries to convince Mi-kyung to let go of the relationship. However, Woo-jae does not want his parents to interfere sfo their relationship since they are effectively divorced.


My Daughter Seo Young

Change your nickname Nickname: However, sayantku mother passes away unexpectedly. Deep down, he always believes Seo-young had a good reason for crama about her own family, and he also does not want to lose her if the truth came out. When the Kang family finds out the secret relationship between Seo-young and Woo-jae, it is met with great resistance. After everything that has happened, Seo-young takes deep reflection upon herself as well as the actions of the people around her, especially her father.

It recorded a peak viewership rating of I liked him very well in this too. I loved their interactions in the early stretch of the show before Stuff happened, and their angst in the middle stretch, of being on opposite sides, was sad to watch. I really loved Min Seok and his finding his passion later in life. If you just want to soak in the LSY swoony, you could very possibly just watch the first 16 eps.

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From then sayantku, whatever he tries, it goes wrong and he feels deeply ashamed of himself, not being capable of supporting his genius daughter SeoYeong. WooJae understands the reason SeoYeong refuses him is that she doesn’t want to hurt her pride.

Enter the email address you used to register for your account. SO wholesome, and such a perfect boy-next-door. It did seem solid indeed. For a episode family drama, My Daughter Seo Young settles into its rhythm surprisingly fast.

But, rather he is proud of SeoYeong and loves her so much. However, wayangku controlling mother sends her away to study overseas. Definitely one of the better family dramas out there.