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It was well paced — it created suspense, a thriller. Nobuta wo Produce Icons credit: Cheese in the Trap Korean Drama. Rooftop Prince Korean Drama. On a technical level, Bloody Monday as a production is most definitely up to snuff. Second Love Japanese Drama.

Kaibutsu kun Japanese Drama. My Fair Lady Korean Drama. Kokoro ga Pokitto ne Japanese Drama. Koko ni Aru Shiawase Japanese Special. Miracle in Cell No. Share House no Koibito Japanese Drama. Page Turner Korean Special. But okay, Kamishima, whatever.

Where can I watch the Japanese series Bloody Monday with English Subs online?

Whereas the first series dealt with a deadly Russian weapons-grade virus, the new season is set two years later when an aircraft bearing a new kind of nuclear weapon threatens Tokyo. Koko ni Aru Shiawase Japanese Special. Death Note Japanese Drama. Minami comes in to give her water and Haruka wants to leave because of her promise to seqson Yagi.

And from the blatant product placement of Macs and MacBooks in every nook and cranny of the bloody drama, you can see how… eager? Dinner Japanese Drama http: Urm, not so much.

Miura Haruma is so youthful and fresh in his acting. I actually believed this boy could indeed break into computer networks and security bloody — never mind how or where he picked up the knack for Hackish or leetspeak or whatever the hell software engineers call their funny cyber-chittering these dayslet alone how he even learned those programming commands in English!!!


Two Weeks Korean Drama. Glowing She Korean Drama. I can overlook cockamamie plot contrivances and subpar acting from the supporting cast so long as the main character is someone who not only sustains my interest writing-wise, but whom I can understand and genuinely care about.

You feel protective of Fujimaru because you really do root for him as he tries to preserve what he holds dearest — which are not matters of national security or geopolitics, but his nuclear family and close friends. Tengoku de Kimi ni Aetara Japanese Special. Cain and Abel Korean Drama. The Beauty Inside Korean Movie.

Hello Counselor KBS2, http: Heavenly Forest Japanese Movie. Without having to download it. In his frustration, Fujimaru comes very close to J and he takes this opportunity to inform Fujimaru of a Madan no Shuya spy near him. So to make up for their mistake, Madan demands they release three of their comrades: Jinroh Game Trailer http: On dramafrazy technical level, Bloody Monday as a production is most definitely up to snuff.

And ZOMG Miura Harumaaaaarghghhhhgrhgh There are no hammy histrionics to mar the authenticity of the moment, only raw, unprocessed human anguish intensified drammacrazy the knowledge that the tragedy could have been averted — or that one was partly to blame for it.


Kyou wa Kaisha Yasumimasu Japanese Drama.

Kano and Makimura finally get there, only to find Haruka knocked out. Are we there yet?

My Lady Korean Drama. Save the Sequel, Save the World!!! Hot Young Bloods Korean Movie.

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Yonimo Kimyona Monogatari Autumn Special http: My Rainy Days Japanese Movie. Binbo Danshi Japanese Drama. Okay scratch dramacarzy, lol. But Ji Yoon does not have a feeling toward Min Soo. Back to regular programming: I am Your Teacher Korean Drama. Yae no Sakura Japanese Drama.

Attack on Titan Japanese Movie. Secret Love Affair Korean Drama. Ai wa Mieru Japanese Special.

Both seasons of Bloody Monday finish on two very different emotional notes, but I could NOT have asked for a better way to end each story arc.