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Oh, how far you have wandered from home. I am charmed by your review it entices me to put my heart out there and embrace another melodrama. But it’s been fantastic! Other characters and cameos worth mentioning: Giant toggles equal parts family, intrigue, and romance, all united by a story that treats its viewers as intelligent and open to being challenged. Lastly, I think this show tell us that while you can gain something, you lose other as well.

He got shoe-slapped — so funny. I was wrong, for this woman is none other than a class-A exceptional character actress. Jung-yeon being Jung-yeon, ran away from home to find Gang-mo and confess her undying love for him. Still she very noticeably tried and sometime into the middle of the series she began to grow on me, and grow as an actress, filling the necessary requirements of her role as she went on, including a presence which grew in gradual layers. Kim Sung Oh Supporting Cast. Hi all, This is a great writeup and summary about the show Giant. The other was his son, Minwoo because he reported his hiding. BTW , does anyone know why seong-mo died in the end?

I cannot hate on Chairman Hwang because I know he will accept his comeuppance in the end.

Giant Episode 60

The sweltering summer heat at Sancheong camp where Gang-mo eventually reconciled with So-tae. You are commenting using your WordPress. He appeared to be holding that gun in the trailer, and I guess snipers can be interpreted as hidden opponents, hiding in the shadows? The more well-acquainted I became with her character, the more I could empathise. Then Thundie amusingly shared some snippets of its rather heavy-handed first few episodes, and I hesitated further.

gianh I might pass out. SM was really the ultimate brother people wish they had. Finally the rooftop scene, it is really amazing how hope finds her way back to him, pulling him from the brink, saving his soul.

The best looking cast ,that is the youngest sister, is the weakest. Although pictures may not convey the whole context but I got the gist of it hence my depression.

Oh, and there were idol stars too, giqnt came, they sang, they danced, they were handed their paychecks and shown the door. Remember watching those dramas that enjoy pretending something is extra meaningful because a character is sitting still, presumably deep in thought or else the person is on the brink of letting out some airand then we flashback to what the character is supposedly thinking about.


That is the hope that Giant dramaneans us with, it really was an Epic. ADramaGuest, thanks for your reply. Giant shows that you can make a drama imbued with a sense of grandeur and scale, without sacrificing logic, reasoning, and common sense. Kang-mo helped Hwang Tae-seob avoid bankruptcy by advocating the use of a different landfill material, and was later adopted by Tae-seob, and Sung-mo was raised by Jo Pil-yeon, who is a KCIA official. And I’m still in denial about it ending soon.

I love how Jeongyeon has her own backstory, her own struggles, and her own goals in life as she transitions dramabans rebellious daughter to revenge-bound Madonna in the most recent episodes. The lines flow like conversations that we happen to spisode, even if the moment is dramatic and heightened due to the construct.

Download links and more details here. I started watching only halfway, from the episode where Gang Mo was framed for murder, all the previous dramabeasn were summarised by my Mum.

You seem to be very knowledgeable about K-dramas. I just miss seeing him talk. She was the evil woman who stole the husband from the virtuous heroine, and her performance was so over-the-top I wondered if shrieking was her natural speaking voice and if her eyes were in fact permanently bulging. Watch ‘ Giant ‘ with our fast and smooth mobile player, optimized for your phone and tablet. Moon Ji In Supporting Cast. He was one corrupt power player among many corrupt power players, so what set him apart?

Until the day she sat with depressed-looking Min-woo by the river bank and tried to cheer epislde up. Here’s him when he started his career aged only 19, where he played the lead in what was the Korean equivalent on The Godfather: As he continued to grow in power, leaving the army for the KCIA, and then entering the political glant, the enemy-count was burgeoning, but he remained unfazed.

Some genres and subject matters are just epsode going to be your cup of tea, and I totally get that.

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Snippets here and there, of tone, of structure, of mood, of plot, of the little things that work so tiant in a drama to make you sit up and take notice.


His expression is killing me as well. Thank you so much for your kind comment! I think I like the action parts of both shows.

You know what it was? Another asset to this drama apart from Jo Pil Yeon is their supporting cast. Episode 6 by Helcat. Please click the link in that email to complete the email change process.

They were strong as well especially epislde eldest brother Lee Seung Mo, his acting was exceptional.

I felt she did sufficient justice to Park Ha-youngs’ Little Mi-joo. JPY lose everything including his only son.

Park So Yeon Supporting Cast. Their conflict supposedly dates back to their army days together, Min had apparently betrayed the trust of Jo. Some of you may know her from the Dramabeans Open Threads. And when drmabeans character does things which defy logic, such as every single behavior on the part of cowardly Hwang Jeongshik son of Chairman Hwangit make sense within the world of Giant because his character is in fact a complete and utter tool, devoid of a semblance of intelligence or a shred of moral center.

Gang-mo was the second eldest child in the Lee family. Drama Recaps Reach of Sincerity: But she is still hitting enough of her emotional beats that her performance never feels false or trying. He’s so marvelously evil. That is what will get all our major characters to find closure and be able to move on. Giant is constructed solidly, like a castle built from the ground up instead of conceptualized from the episods down. Nam Ji Hyun Supporting Cast. Icons, who will go down in kdrama history.

She kept her spirits high; eschewing harbouring any bitterness about her past, no matter how much her past wounded her.