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Ji Hoon takes her home. Just watched the last episode. Yeol Mae thinks of Suk Hyun again. I freaken love this show. I’m a little appalled how much I like Sung-Soo. I think they got married out of convenient. I had mixed emotions about the ending, but I understood her choice.

And thanks for the recap of course, girlfriday: For season 2, I have already watched the first 2 episodes 3 times and can’t wait for the next episode. Tess season 1 was good until the last 4 episodes then it just got plain stupid. It was wonderful to look at in other ways, too, and the directing was great as well, but I just fell in love with the lighting. She yells is that house his? Yeah, that was really a total cop out on HER part. Because my butt is quite good.

He could serenade me a proposal any day! And I’m also in love with that song! I had mixed emotions about the ending, but I understood her choice. There is no excuse in love.

I Need Romance: Do You Want to Rant or Rave About the Ending?

He understands her past relationship and memories and instead of harboring anything openly admits his “sadness” while also suggesting he’s an “introvert” and “holds back his feelings” clearly teaching her about himself and being open.

It makes my heart hurt for him. In the end, it all comes down to love and support of friends. Was at first planing to watch this drama then decide not too but somehow I nded really intriguing by the story line and Sramacrazy really wanted to know what it is all about.

I feel why she loves boyfriend one hell, every flashback and passionate fight begging her back I like him too. My HanCinema Sign upWhy? I just really think he came to see that it was THE biggest regret of his life by the time the series ended and that he was really trying to be a better man, so by having her end up with him was more understandable for me. It just hits the right note for me. That is just low. No one should hit, but there is just something about seeing a man hit a woman that gets me rilled up no matter how much she deserved it and Hyun joo was really horrible to Duksoo.


In real life, a man who would hit a woman that early in the relationship will romxnce hit gomance later on, but in drama land, that’s not necessarily the case. Loving a person is something that no one can explain. She tells him she was working and wants shaved ice with beans. At his house, she changes and Ji Hoon pours wine for them.

Due to this write up, I too did a two day weekend marathon watching all episodes from on Dramafever and then 11 and 12 raw without subs. It’s the kind of problem that a lot of people have. Sounds better than drajacrazy I remembered seeing. That boy is insanely pretty, and entirely too hot for words. I also love that he admits its not completely fair that suddenly he’s her boss after her 8 years of working their but at the same time sincerely thanks her and tells her to “dream big.

I just think 30s is not old because I work with ladies in their nsed and they say it’s when you’re in your mids heck, maybe it’s when you hit the big five-oh that you realize that you’re halfway through. But instead of getting secretly resentful about it, he does something refreshing—he just tells her straight-up: Sung-hyun quits after a year of working with her, and finally gets the courage to act on his puppy crush.


Suk Hyun promised he would not leave her alone. He knew she was ignorant when he slept with her etc.

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Because I can’t help feeling that it’s inevitable that Inyoung is going to dtamacrazy up with Sungsoo. He was acting under a different name at that time. It is a great drama.

I read the plot, it seemed interesting that I decided to watch it. Sara August 11, at 2: And I sincerely sincerely hopes she moves on to have a love two at the “scary” age of Episode 12 by LollyPip. So yeah, Kang hee seriously gets on my nerves.

Thanks for the recap. Has anybody any idea what can be done? By 0ly40 Started September 7, This time around, the show comes off as less of a cartoon caricature of Sex in the City.

I loved the story he told her to build her confidence. I’m not sure if it is in the acting or the writing. It hit home for me. He really can act.