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An attorney is accused of killing her unfaithful husband. At present, the first four seasons have been released on DVD by Shout! A man charged with public intoxication gets involved with a girl and a rock musician after skipping his arraignment. Chief Robert Ironside comes out of retirement when the chief of the Denver police department, where Ed Brown now works, dies prematurely and the daughter of Eve Whitfield is suspected of murdering her boyfriend. A pair of killers hold Ironside and Eve hostage with the intention of forcing the Chief to help with their escape plan. When Mark graduates law school, his first case is defending a grocery-store owner accused of murder.

The victims of a burglary wave, ironically, are all crooks. In December demolition finally began. The show became a success as Ironside depended on brains and initiative in handling cases. Supporting characters on Ironside included Det. Ironside probes the managers of an alleged faith healer. Audible Download Audio Books. Ironside uses old-fashioned detective work to clear a cop framed for murder. Ironside’s team finds out that the bullet that killed Andy was shot from the same gun that killed the wife of Daryll Frazer, the owner of a glossy magazine.

This is the second half of the two-part crossover with The Bold Ones: Ironside and his colleagues infiltrate a meeting arranged by irojside criminal who intends to start an organization in California. A woman accidentally kills her lover, but her lawyer is preventing eeries from confessing. An assistant district attorney murders his wife and frames his nephew. Part 2 features a longer edited version of Quincy Jones’ Ironside theme as heard on his album Smackwater Jack.

A burglar figures out how to rob stores guarded by dogs. Ironside’s team finds out that the bullet that killed Andy was shot from the same gun that killed the wife of Daryll Frazer, the owner ta,er a glossy magazine.


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Episde 2 is now shown in reruns as an episode of Ironside. Anthony Spinner and Irving Pearlberg Story by: Ironside investigates when the daughter of his friend practices witchcraft and blames herself for the death of her parents’ landlord. Paralyzed from the waist down, he was determined to continue working on the force. Ironside helps Scotland Yard solve a police superintendent’s murder.

Ironside matches wits with a phony psychic. When Mark and a woman get into a traffic accident, Ironside suspects an insurance fraud was committed. Liam O’Brien and Mark Rodgers. A controversial teacher is a target for murder after one of his students commits suicide. A conspiracy complicates Ironside’s investigation of a hippie’s fatal beating – that was allegedly administered by Ed. Ironside’s parolee friend swears he didn’t rustle any cattle.

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Just click the “Edit page” button at the bottom of the page or learn more in the Synopsis submission guide. A team of year-old sleuths – led by Ironside’s Aunt Victoria – closes sefies on a man suspected of murdering his wife. Ed goes after the psychopath who murdered his fiancee.

Although a priest is being stalked, he denies being in danger.

While on vacation in Fiji, Ironside gets involved in a plot to steal gold. Since nearly twenty years had passed serie Ironside left the air, and as he had been playing Perry Mason on television for the previous eight years, Burr felt that he was more associated with Perry Mason.

While Ironside takes a vacation, he’s forced to tangle with three men bent on killing him to igonside up their previous murder – and implicate Mark in the Chief’s murder.


Ironside must stop a crime organization from placing a stake in the produce market. Explore popular and recently added TV series available to stream now with Prime Video. When Fran is assaulted, her colleagues launch a search for the culprit. Robert Earll and Sy Salkowitz Story by: The evidence seems to look like the policeman is crooked, Ironside is determined to prove that this is not the case.

True Boardman Story by: This is the only episode where Don Mitchell does not appear.

All that did was throw suspicion on himself and nothing else. Ironside hunts a killer who’s using a phantom strangler’s reign of terror to cover up his own crime. An ex-con demolitions expert’s son is kidnapped. Ironside’s goddaughter witnesses a murder – and becomes the next target.

The series earned accolades for portraying the character’s disability in a realistic way while managing to keep him in on the action. A militant leads his followers into a conspiracy in a plot to commit treason. David Craig and his medical staff.

Kennedy’s San Diego—based Father Samuel Cavanaugh comes to San Francisco because of the death of a friend and fellow priest and his investigation gets him embroiled with Ironside and his staff. Ironside’s attempts to save a Vietnam hero from the gas chamber are put at risk by the man’s war buddies.

The Old Hall had already been demolished while Ironside was still in production. A scientist working on a project disappears, putting national security in jeopardy.

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