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Rashi gives Jigyasa some kumkum to apply on her forehead, which spreads on her nose. Barnali comes to Walia house and reveals the indifference and injustice meted out on her by th. Tarun asks Bani to come with him. Pia remembers the night spent with Jai and runs away from Pushkar. Jai decides to tell all the truth to Bani. Sahil is declared dead. Jai comes to the party and Karuna asks him to reveal the truth to Bani.

Bani tries to convince Maasi to live with Jai after her death. Pia tells that he is not a perfect husband nor he can be a perfect father. Jai and his family are delighted that they will be able to save Ganga. Bani recalls the enjoyable t. Jai wonders if Nachiket is the killer. Jai goes to the hospital to see Bani. Jai reminds Bani about their wedding anniversary and wants to take her out but Bani refuses. Jigyasa blames Bani for those incidents as well.

Everyone is enjoying at the party kasakh get stunned when suddenly Jai, Barnali and Jigyasa’s picture flashes on the screen. Jai goes to the hospital to see Bani.

Jai feels relieved and thanks Pia for her decision to go away from his and Bani’s life. Bani insists that even Pushkar be invited for the outing.

The doctor informs the family that Ranvir has been 7722 with paralysis. Just then, Ganga returns and tells that she had been to the temple to pray. Pia tells everyone that she knows everything about Deb. Pushkar raises his hand to slap Pia. Everyone is shocked to see that it is Daksh.


Jai hugs Bani and tells her that he will ne.

Kasamh Se Episode

Jai is about to tell everything to Bani but Rano barges in and starts laughing. He throws Pia out of his house.

Jai pleads with her to look at him and talk. Bani too follows Ganga in order to apply a holy vermillion on her forehead. Jigyasa completely unaware of the crisis, gives Jai a list of expenditures. Bani sees Pia at the doctor’s clinic.

Much to Jigyasa’s surprise, the card is not the one which Pia wanted to give Bani and she is saved. Vicky gets ready to attend his first day in office but Meera and he wonder where Jai is. The next day Epissode gets a call from someone.

Episode #1.723

Ganga pulls Bani and Jai for a dance. Karuna tells that it is with her. Jigyasa blames Bani for those incidents as well.

The police warn Pia for giving them. Rashi narrates how Ranvir had slipped while trying to save her.

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Rano offers to go to Dubai with Bani. The doctor says that Jai has been uttering Bani’s name even in.


Six months pass by, and Ranvir tries to walk but falls. Jai gets flung and injures his head. Bani asks her not to shed tears.

Jai wonders if Nachiket is the killer. Pia questions Jai for not revealing the truth to Bani. Pia picks up a chit in which she has to share a memorable moment with everyone. Rano assures Bani that she too is willing to forget the past. At home, instead of thanking Meera, Kawamh is rude to her.

Episode #1.722

Rano breaks down completel. Karuna and Jigyasa go to Meera’s room in order to borrow a pair of earrings. Ae sees Tarun’s name on the list of donors at a hospital in the UK. He also says that he can collect their bodies from Yari road, Bunglow no Even Pia wonders what happened to the wedding card. Bani asks Jai to forgive Nachiket and Maasi too supports Bani.

Certain incidents happen which lead Jigyasa to believe that her father is back. Jai tells everyone about Pia and Pus. Ganga rushes to Jai and calls him papa.