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After watching Kim’s vid, this mess makes a whole lot of sense. People crying about it literally is mind boggling to me. Straight up you silly n stupid It looks like people are scared to comment. BUT, this comment struck me the hardest of them all: I wasn’t talking about her. US – Georgia Status: I saw a couple of Kimmaytube videos, and I wasn’t impressed.

I’m not going to tolerate goat-mouthed people talking out the side of their necks. But I’ll watch y’all though — maaaan Sep 19, Messages: She then even asked Taren to take down the video. As far as the Integrity of Youtubers The original drama topic lol: This all seems rather childish to me I give her the benefit of the doubt as I am sure she works so hard on business and channel, that the intensity of her efforts makes her really sensitive of any possible criticisms.

She was wrong in her actions and she should be woman enough to say so in public since she showed her azz in public. This is something I’ve been meaning kimmautube say for a while cause I know some people have the nerve to not like the fact that folks actually have drive –not just me, but anybody on Youtube.

That’s someone to be admired. I am glad to see someone who feels the same way that I do. BUT, this comment struck me the hardest of them all: And I’m not going to hold back my opinion. KT’s comments were deleted because of this miscommunication. While I respect Kimmaytube and the way she’s turned her personal hair journey into a profitable business for herself, as I’ve said before, her whole attitude and demeaner can be a bit off-putting.


Well being that as of yesterday I had no clue as to who any of these people are, I have to say that after reading the deleted comments from Kimmay and watching some of these Kimmygate videos, Kimmy dont know hot to handle criticism.

I went on Youtube, and I saw all the response videos. Since I am “guilty” ressponse everything you’ve described.

I make NO apologies for capitalizing on my Youtube popularity. So a couple of people made video responses weighing in. I don’t like to get into vdeo whole youtube drama thing but I do have to say this I never liked Kimmaytube because she always came off as extremely arrogant to me.

And this isn’t a new thought for me that’s been influenced or molded by others; it’s what I thought the very FIRST time I watched her videos. And I said hell no, if I was unwittingly becoming a “brand” I would do so and control it myself. I was talking to some friends one day a girl and a guy who aren’t even really in to hair and I mentioned her and they started acting like she was the devil, lol.

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BostonMariaOct 20, It all started here Blogs Home Page All Blogs. Jun 23, Messages: I feel sorry for kimmaytube.

New Youtube Drama – taren916 vs. kimmaytube

Please, even though you may be arriving at home at midnight, don’t skip showers. Oct 22, Messages: I’m not going to tolerate a virtual lynchmob. I make no apologies for pursuing my goals.

Unsubscribe, don’t secretly hate, know what I mean? Anybody can purchase a webcam and post anything up there. We don’t ask for permission.

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Baby this is not high school, u are not the head cheerleader or the most popular chick n school n the natural dama community is not ur loyal subjects and followers.

And evolving your business doesn’t mean that you’re loosing integrity. Apr 27, Messages: You don’t PAY for this, I do, so fall back. No videos and camera time for me. Let me make this clear for vidso. Do I see the classic crabs in a barrel effect going on?