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And I don’t like it. He is accused of being a molester because of his close proximity to Rin’s backside. A second season consisting of four episodes, titled Kodomo no Jakan: A compilation episode running 86 minutes, summarizing the first season from the perspective of Rin’s thoughts. Kuro-chan made Shiro-chan grew a heart suddenly, aww! As such, Aoki apologizes to Rin and tells Rin to punish him whatever she desires. And I also hope for another season!!!!

Aoki asks her to have the class clean the backyard after school. As such, they should fall somewhere in the story. She was the teacher that taught Rin when she was in Grade 1. I want to see Rin’s father come to adopt him animated!! T And breast feeding was awkward want third season Rin becomes the Class Representative. Her absence is due to a long-term harassment by the previous teacher.

Together they are Pretty Kyurem. Post as a guest Name. Is the sub out for this yet?

こどものじかん 2学期 Kodomo no Jikan- Ni Gakki Ep 1 English Subbed

Kuro-chan made Shiro-chan grew a heart suddenly, aww! Rin becomes the Class Representative.

She mentions Rin and tells Aoki that ‘some children will feel lonely’. Oh wow, breast sucking, i’m at a loss for words Before leaving, Rin kisses Reiji good-bye, prompting a somewhat victorious glance from Reiji rpisode befuddles Aoki.

I’m sad that its over. Summer break is quickly approaching, and Rin becomes saddened by the fact that she won’t be able to see Aoki. He immediately misinterprets this as that they ditched the work.

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Two boys at school make fun of her, so Rin and Kuro help Mimi purchase a bra by taking her measurements at Kuro’s private clothing kkdomo. He also continues to have nightmares. Logan M Logan M The anime is based on the manga of the same name written and illustrated by Kaworu Watashiya.


P I guess I shouldn’t be to suprised,but somewhat acceptable, I have seen worse endings close up to anyway than this before. Kuro is upset when Rin tells her that she will do what she can to win over Aoki and goes to find Shirai who had dressed up as a panda in the costume parade, but Shirai hugs her to calm her down, going against her beliefs of skinship. He walks her to school, trying to block other parents’ view of her.

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Don’t display this message again Proxy Shopping Search. Rin, Kuro, and Mimi spend the day at various shops searching for a birthday present for Aoki and even buy a book of charms. HAHA Awesome, I want to see them hook up at episods beginning of the year Here’s my idea, they wake up next to each other and they laugh at each other, kiss, and then When they ask if there are any sexy teachers, Aoki accidentally mentions Rin.

His colleagues tell him to move on to her, unaware of who Rin really is.

Kuro makes a voodoo doll of Aoki and Rin makes herself as the present. Rin isn’t sick she just needed soma along. This OVA episode was released in When he enters his classroom after it is over, he notices that all the students’ backpacks are gone.

Brotherhood 2 Kimi no Na wa. Earn up to Extra Rewards Points. After a serious, heartfelt attempt to confess her love for Aoki is completely misinterpreted by him, Rin’s darker side manifests itself, and she resorts episodw blackmail and emotional manipulation to try to get him to either return her feelings or at least acknowledge episde own for her.


Upon being rescued, Reiji — hysterical beyond reason due to recurring nightmares about his traumatic childhood and his perceived failure to keep his promise to Aki to jkan her daughter from harm — snaps and strikes Aoki in rage before dragging Rin back home.

The opening theme, used for all but episode twelve, which did not have an opening theme, is “Rettsu! Kuro wants to become friends with Shirai, because she admires her and feels they have something in common i. Shirai ponders what her life would be like if she had a friend like Kuro in her youth.

こどものじかん 2学期 Kodomo no Jikan- Ni Gakki Ep 2 English Subbed

Rin remembers what Aoki says and goes to the school where she finds Aoki talking with Hoin. The story follows a grade school teacher named Daisuke Aoki whose main problem is that one of his students, Rin Kokonoe, has a crush on him.

Woah woah Reiji control your hormones! Another OVA was released on January 23, Ok that breast sucking scene was awkard