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However, Elha’s dream was put on hold with the sudden death of her father. Carol, who was given away by her mother when she was still a baby. A story that will highlight the importance of family amidst fulfilling one’s own dreams. What will Jose do when his mother comes back after so many years? How did her seemingly simple weight problem became a crucial turning point in her life? An inspiring story of a visually impaired model-beauty queen named Jessa. With a spirited attitude and a more positive outlook in life, Maritess, did everything she could to show her son Jeremy how much she loved and cared for him. Lisa’s relatives want her to break up with Efren, thinking that he will only bring her harm.

Young Susan Mico Aytona Christine, a typical high school girl who practically has the world at her feet. In the story, Apple was most of the time scolded by her mom Jossie for always giving more time with Church activities rather than her studies. Will love keep Rochelle’s high hopes to live, or will it cause her more pain? Because of her dream to give her family a better life, Liza did everything to be able to work as an entertainer in Japan. Moira Janella Salvador and Timothy Markus Patterson part ways after the former finally accepts their situation.

Things got worse for Tita when she lost the custody of her children. But Jane eventually left the convent to marry episoode man she unexpectedly fell in love with. Because of her condition, Susana’s son Roy wholeheartedly takes all the responsibility of looking after his mother and siblings. A story about family. Other people also tried to discourage him because of his looks and status in life. As fate would have it, he would later fall in love with his idol’s namesake, who, to him, is also as beautiful as her.

But one summer vacation, Emily meets Dianne’s father Teddy and instantly falls for his charming personality. How did she learn to accept unfauthful forgive herself and the people who hurt her?

Because of the incident, Ester not only gives up her job but her friendship with Eva as well. Witness in the story the exceptional strong father-and-daughter bond between Ete and Dang, especially when Ete became mentally ill. But after college, Berna meets and falls in love with Mark, a handsome and hardworking jeepney conductor.

Will competition reignite between them once one of them gets more successful than the other? Two cultures united together by love and friendship.


Their rift reaches the point where they are practically strangers to each other. However, Rowena and Alex’s lives changed when they noticed something different with the physical appearance of their two daughters. Discover how a differently abled man who experienced discrimination, maltreatment, and physical abuse from other people found the courage to live a normal life, and how he helped other differently abled people who have become victims of social injustice.

Despite this she remained positive that she will unfauthful her dreams of becoming a professional singer and fulfill her father Obet’s dream of seeing her on TV one day.

This week’s episode is about the misery that a battered wife had to go through the process of annulment. The fulfillment that she gets from being a nurse would have been enough, but then her life takes a whole new meaning when she meets Rey in a party.

It is a choice to use the money for his family or to return the money to its rightful owner. What were the hardest trials that put his faith to the test?

They almost had a perfect mzalaala life with their three unfaitfhul until maalaal disagreement led them to decide to go on with their lives separately. Manuela, the town beauty in Saranggani who captures unfiathful the hearts of her close friend Isyot as well as the chief of police, Manuel.

It was truly a cruel twist of fate since Erning is also a good family man, who never meant to harm anyone. A story that will inspire viewers to fight for their dreams as it shares the life story of a student-athlete diagnosed with Tuberculosis of the bone. Their teacher wants them to introduce themselves in front of the class, and Jarel proudly shares that he is a working student. Maalaala Mo Kaya lit.

Pangga, is an ambitious and rebellious maid who falls in love with two guys at the same time. While Toto wanted to fulp go of their responsibilities to their children who failed them, Josephine remained the ‘light’ of their family and a champion mother who gave her unconditional love to all her kids. Discover the trials that Venus Raj had to go through before she joined Miss Universe through her empowering personal tale.

Despite the separation of his parents, Macky grew up feeling complete and happy because of the love of his mother Marciana and his stepdad Renato.

Mmk Episode The Unfaithful Wife

Discover the story behind that viral video dubbed as the “heartbreaking wedding” of Hazzy, a year-old patient diagnosed with advanced stage 4 liver cancer, and his girlfriend of four years, Liezel. When Joy grew older, Bheng maalalaa forced to work abroad to make ends meet for her family. Will Christian discover Karen’s well-kept secret?


Ester decides unfsithful work as a manicurist in a parlor owned by her friend Eva. When she gets married at the age of 17, Nene tries to concentrate on raising a family, but she later goes back to her dangerous maallaala when she catches her husband cheating on her.

They also witnessed other hostages die in front of them and even became part of a human barricade against the military.

Trouble is most of her prospects eventually leave her for someone more pretty. Just when they thought that they have surpassed the biggest epiwode in their life, couple Sherwin and Mayda will be struck by the news that Sherwin has liver cancer.

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Mabel’s funeral parlor went out of business. Despite the kindness he is showing, Kayw continued to hear hurtful accusations from Joseph that prompted him to just run away. He then did his best to search and rescue them. But, unlike Paolo, Rovil is optimistic that she will overcome her illness. Buloy, a barangay official whose wife Janina and daughter Mabel Bangs Garcia desert him. It turned out they were heading to the same agency to work as a secretary and a sailor, respectively, which paved way for their budding romance.

He was eight years old when his father Maximino and brother Lito were left behind by their mother Rosella, who went to live with another man. How will Okoy accept that his beloved brother, whom he has taken care of all his life, has given up on him at his most trying time?

Continuation of the two-part special tribute for SAF Their lives started to change when Mojacko met Emily, a social worker, who invited him to stay in a shelter providing for his needs and processed the necessary papers for Mojacko and his mother to have the names—John and Malou Garcia.