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Papa, I have to compIete my dipIoma. Therefore, she comes to the office. That means that the customary.. Because we have many proofs that Aman does not exist. Sister shouId be at home in such a situation. That mishap had a severe adverse effect on the heart and mind of Anupama and a kind of hatred started developing in her somewhere deep down the surface of her subconscious.

I was washing my cIothes. He’s speaking her mind. You wiII get married to Arpit. We have just one objective. Being deeply in love with Anupama since they first met, Arpit decides to do something for Anupama who is going lunatic, being considered schizophrenic and being forcibly given psychiatric treatment with confinement in an asylum. He has refused you? Why don’t you come to meet me? But the man who didn’t have a home..

When she was taIking with her sister. Aman is not present. PIease send a packet of this cigarette. Like that, their coupIe is not that bad. What are you taIking about, dad?

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Do you know what the time is? Now, if it is for free, how is my father concerned? Nor am I am messiah who did any miracIe. Sir, very few ad makers madhosui such projects.


Because, I am Arpit. KauI, is your daughter happy with her Iife? You said that we wouId ceIebrate this day together. Stand there for six rebirths. Are you going to send us off with these snacks?

Anu, I know your choice very weII. And I cannot marry Anupama. Do you think the guy you are crazy subtitels you, Ioves you? It’s none of your business.

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I wouId suggest you to meet Dr.

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You even cut your hand for him. Real-time popularity on IMDb. I wiII give her the phone. Did you get it now? Come on, have your breakfast. Aunt, before choosing the cards. But that Aman exists for Anupama.

We are fighting against every. See, it is the twenty fifth engliah. Mother, he is Iying. Then, I wiII be coming back.

If the voice is simiIar it is aII right. So FiImaIaya Studio at four? And secondIy, instead of giving.


You must take care of yourseIf. But this house is Iocked. But who knew that her Iife wouId get discoIored this way. I had been here Iast night.


Hey, where is your son? I have been coming here since the Iast 15 days. These are such questions. He might have known that we are about to come here. And the chances to get weII are aImost zero percent.

Add the first question. If you don’t come, six days, six months and six years. PIease come, PIease come, pIease come. But Akash is in Kamya, these eubtitles are Iying here. Hey see, our item has come. Like that, which cigarette do you want? Someone has changed everything here! Just watch this movie without prejudices and you won’t get bored even for a moment in the pre-interval session. She has made the food.

Come on girIs, come and have something. Rohit, it is getting Iate. KindIy Ieave this pIace.