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The initial interviews with children by the CII were recorded, and demonstrated to the jury members in the trial the coercive and suggestive techniques used by CII staff to produce allegations. In , The New York Times reported that the case “attracted national attention when the authorities speculated that hundreds of children might have been molested and subjected to satanic rituals” and “has teetered on the brink of mistrial”. Courtland Mead as Malcolm Johnson. Richard Bradford as Ira Reiner. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Outstanding Directorial Achievement in Dramatic Specials.

By now, Woods could portray in his sleep the edgy, hack defense lawyer who finds purpose through the case, but no matter. I said a lot of things that didn’t happen. Kevin Symons as Reporter No. Sarah O’Nan as Kid No. He did, however, suggest that the blaze, now under federal investigation, might be tied to his McMartin involvement. Bob Clendenin as Soundman. Meanwhile, however, the family is pronounced guilty by the media, which airs heated allegations of “Satanic rituals” and a “nationwide conspiracy of sexual predators,” in an increasing frenzy that the film compares to a modern-day witch trial. At one point, the police said they believed that 1, South Bay children had been sexually abused, resulting in the closure of nine South Bay schools and leaving many more teachers tainted.

But Triql, who stirred up his own national controversy by presenting his vision of popular history in the film “JFK,” warns against putting the victim hat on the wrong head. Judy Johnson, seriously mentally ill mother who died of alcoholism; Jane Hoag, the detective who investigated the complaints; Kee MacFarlanethe social worker who interviewed the children; Robert Philibosianthe district attorney who was in a losing battle for re-election; Wayne Satzthe television reporter who first reported the case, and Lael Rubin, the prosecutor.


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Falling on unsympathetic ears are the cries of protest from parents and former students of the old Manhattan Beach preschool, who have worked hard to close that painful chapter in their lives. Peggy Buckey Mark Blum Records indicate that your child has been or is currently a student at the pre-school. They hope the movie and a book they are writing will result in a national debate over how children are interviewed for alleged sex-abuse cases such as McMartin.

Keep track of everything you watch; tell your friends. The Kids Are Alright. Maloney was highly critical of the interviewing prescholo used, referring to them as improper, coercive, directive, mcmartjn and adult-directed in a way that forced the children to follow a rigid script; he concluded that “many of the kids’ statements in the interviews were generated by the examiner. The cast includes James Woods and Mercedes Ruehlas opposing defense and prosecuting attorneys in the McMartin trial.

Kevin Symons as Reporter No. Valerie Wildman as Diana Sullivan. Mark Folger as Bald Guard.

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Eileen Seeley as Pamela Bozanith. Initially, the majority of the children told the staff at the Children’s Institute – a private therapy center – they hadn’t been molested.

So Much Agony for So Little”. Story begins in Augustwhen the mother of a 2-year-old boy phones the Manhattan Beach Police Dept. Peggy McMartin Buckey, a principal defendant in the Virginia McMartin Pre-School child-molestation case, who went free after a costly seven-year ordeal when prosecutors gave up, died on Friday in Torrance, Calif. Hundreds of parents with children who were current or former students at McMartin Preschool contacted law enforcement.


David Whalen as Reporter No. Peggy McMartin Buckey, b. Sarah O’Nan as Kid No. Do the Oscars Need a Host? Richelle Churchill as Rubin’s Secretary. Danny Schmittler as Aaron.

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Retrieved October 24, Josefina Lopez as Female Inmate. Fischer in an article in Los Angeles magazine said the case moive “simply invented”, and transmogrified into a national cause celebre by the misplaced zeal of six people: Share this Rating Title: Injustice like this just seems so surreal to me, but it seems to happen over and over.

The McMartin Trial,” a fact-based HBO Pictures presentation that makes no apologies for depicting the infamous child molestation case as a witch hunt straight out of Arthur Miller.

However, after repeated questioning, most of the current and former students from the McMartin Preschool described shocking and strange acts perpetrated by the school’s staff. Once the slab was removed, there was no sign of any materials to line or hold up any tunnels, and the concrete floor would have made it impossible for the defendants to fill in mckartin tunnels once the abuse investigation began.

Kate Fuglei as Parent. Is it fair to the other side? Virginia McMartin Henry Thomas Zachary Eginton as Sam.