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Although Miaka then apologizes to Yui and says that she will not leave her as they are best friends, Yui openly declares that she will never forgive Miaka. Without a care in the world, he asks the girls for money, and when they say they don’t have any he walks off waving saying “I hate poor people, bye. Tamahome has been living in Miaka’s world for one year. Tamahome finally catches up with Miaka and runs into Nakago who insinuates that he has “coupled” with Miaka. The Suzaku Seven’s final enemy falls at last, and they urge Miaka to use her final wish to ensure that she and Tamahome could stay together. He introduces himself as Chichiri and warns Miaka that unless she starts acting more responsibly, people around her are going to suffer. Tiitskun uses her power to protect everyone as Tasuki jumps in front of Miaka to save her.

Taka, Chichiri, and Taisuki find Chiriko, who is now a baby named Gakurei. He has a stomach ache later and that girl comes to see him. Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. It’s not right when the country’s in danger. It was three months before she came back even thought it had only been a few hours in her world. Generally, there is a day waiting period for the document to be recorded with the county and state registries. Miaka thinks that she is dumped and is now determined to get Yui. Chichiri teleports himself through the barrier just in time to save her from being crushed against the door.

In the other world, Hotohori welcomes her back and tells her that it has been three months since she left and that their country is now caught up in a war. Amiboshi offers Suboshi forgetfulness leaves so that they may live in peace together. Tamahome talks to Miaka while he prepares to fight, telling her that he is all right, because even though she knew he was a character in a book, she kss him anyway.


The moment after they arrived, Tamahome attacks Taka while trapping Epispde in the sword threads. In a small town, the group meets a little girl named Ko Reishun, but she is captured by a demon.

What if the custodial parent wants to move out of state? Tamahome grabs her and hugs her. Remembering Nuriko’s sacrifice and all the people who have gone to protect her, Miaka was able to break the ice before her with episide help of Nuriko remaining in Miaka and his armbands.

miaka,tamahome & tasuki

She mixka and he gets away. Later on, Miaka ventures around the palace, and comes upon Tamahome’s empty room. Taiitsukun enters and shows her the true importance of the Priestess of Suzaku which makes Miaka more determined to summon Suzaku. I’ll never part from you. Spanning six episodes, the series was released as two three-episode volumes, with the first released on May 25,and the second coming over a year later on August 25, Before doing so, Miaka promised herself that after she summoned Suzaku she will abandon her old world and stay with Tamahome instead.

Chichiri says how he cannot pull himself to kill Hiko again and how a flood came shortly afterward and wiped out his village and family. I wonder what he reaction would have been if had found out that she actually LOOKED e;isode him Miaka is no longer a Miko and Tamahome is no longer a Epusode, which means that they can marry and do what ever they want to do.

She consents, but Chichiri saves her and frees the others. As they try to get their bearings, they are attacked by two slave traders. They bury Nuriko and go in to the cave in search of the kixs.

Miaia then kisses Tamahome and knees him in that special area. Hotohori is being criticised by his advisors about not taking an Empress near the lake.

For all the people who watch “Fushigi Yuugi”: When does Tasuki kiss Miaka??

Miaka’s bubble pops and she is safe. And you call yourselves men? Due to the incident, Miaka was separated from the Suzaku Seven.


Keisuke and Tetsuya head to Morioka to find criminal records from the Takiko Okuda murder investigation. Since he is lying on the floor, unawake, she doesn’t know what to do with him, and calls home.

In the morning, Miaka spots Tamahome leaving town and quickly wakes Nuriko so they can follow him. When the young man is unable to tell Miaka where Yui is, Miaka doggedly follows him demanding he help her search. Tamahome wonders why it is taking Miaka so long and Miaka finally comes out. They encountered Tasuki, who just saved them from a monster which was going to attack Taka, but Taka was not able to remember Tasuki.

Nakago tells Tamahome his plans for conquest and Tamahome tells Nakago that they are characters in a book. He tends epidode her leg.

What ova episode is it when tasuki saves miaka and kisses her on fushigi yugi

Miaka later gives birth to a girl whom she names Hikari, hoping she will be like the stars that are always shining down on Earth. Protector of the south It’s so selfish of me under the circumstances.

Suboshi has her tied up with his killer yo-yos and is choking her. He explains to Amiboshi that because of the manner in which the illusion was created Miaka is trapped inside the illusion physically, as opposed to just mentally. The mirror-Miaka insults episofe and tells Miaka she’d be taking over Miaka’s life from now on. As Tamahome tends to her leg, Miaka asks him if he loves Nuriko. Meanwhile, Chiriko is slowly waking up, slowly controlling his own self, but Miboshi is much stronger.

Yui succeeds in summoning Seiryuu.