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Diversity keeps League fresh for Froggen. Sounds harmless enough, until you remember that most of the vines must be individually whacked off the walls. Where does your favorite team rank? Zisteau then created a life-sized version of “Candyland” for Beef. Team B try to bribe MCGamer with 31 blocks of Lapis Lazuli, which represents approximately 30 minutes worth of mining on his part. In Guude’s Walking Dead Let’s Play, he is often brutally honest, convaying his own feelings through the choices instead of lying. Videos from the tour were released 14 July

He later returned as a VIP guest in Season 5. Now, the team can stop looking at that number and start looking ahead. Get Known if you don’t have an account. You could feel a tinge of sadness in Beef’s voice when he expressed his need of tearing it down. Kurt also lets one off when his dog saves him in season 3. This page was last modified on 9 November , at

People requesting to join the server. In Season 5, Zisteau is given a perfect opportunity to strike down Guude. Beef has a similar Freak Out upon seeing Kurt in Season 4b’s finale. Conversely, if a youtuber with a large number of subscribers joins the server, all of the existing members can expect a boost in subscribers.

Etho got his base “cleaned” up by Mindcack.

Overwatch League Week 1 power rankings: After getting hit once, Guude immediately realizes what is happening, dodges Zisteau ‘s next attack, draws his own weapon, and then proceeds to trounce him. Almost all the ‘crackers count: Vanilla Server Season 1.

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Sounds harmless enough, until you remember that most of the vines must be individually whacked off the walls. Last of His Kind: Nebris’ house and both of Etho’s bases. Of course, he got on through a contest of votes.

Used by Generik when he forces Pause to choose between Millbee or Beef. Everyone teleporting around the server, commenting on each others builds.

The invite-only server has spawned many Let’s Plays from most minxcrack its residents, spawning prank wars and competitions, such as the Ultra Hardcore series. Often the case in Trouble in Terrorist Town. Etho feels really bad and repeatedly apologizes while attacking Kurt in Season 8, but it doesn’t make the battle any less harsh.


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Anderz saves Doc from an infinite loop of death here. In Season 10, GenerikB’s head brings nothing but bad luck to anyone who holds it. Notable examples include Season 6, where BDoubleO is killed when he confuses Mindcraxk wolf for his ownthe finale of Season 4B, during which two players manage to defeat four, with the help of about fifteen wolves,Season 7, when Nebris and Kurt fight with about a dozen wolves each, with Nebris winning thanks to a bucket of lava and Season 3, in which Kurt’s wolf saves his life during a fight against Pause.

In episode of his main Mindcrack series, Etho starts the episode worried about creepers, and one appears right before his very eyes. Season 6 marks the third consecutive season in which porttal was killed by a wolf, and the second in which he was killed by his own wolf. Pause’s solution to Generik’s Saw-esque prank.

Now, the team can stop looking at that number and start looking ahead. Or he could save both, but lose a ton of valuable items Rain starts up halfway through the final battle of season 3. But can the League of Legends prodigy carry a nation on his shoulders? Guude in season 4a, saving a terrified Pause from Kurt just when Kurt was about to catch up and slaughter him. For a long time, “Potato on a stick”.

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Doesn’t lead to outright murder, but Team B place a bomb in Kurt’s base along with a message instructing him to ‘keep his big mouth shut’, as he’s the primary witness to their TNT heist. After running into some bad terrain and getting surrounded by mobs, they immediately call off the attack and head back underground. Zisteau allies himself portsl his sworn huh, Team Canada, to pull off an enormous prank against Guude.


The Thumbnails of Zisteau’s Mindcrack videos are often clues as to what his next prank will be. Quite a few of them are. Videos from the tour were released June 26, Views Read Edit View history. Vanilla Server Season 6. Several incidents of the prank wars became this. Battle in the Rain: Millbee, season 11, after killing Pak. In return, Generik covered Paul’s house in a mountain of stone taller than the mountain the house was built yub.

In episode 10 of Paul Soares Jr’s Mindcrack season 4 Let’s Play, he attempts to place an anvil, which he uses to name Ferris Mueller, on a fence and accidentally places it 3 blocks away portl the ground.

The Mindcrack Server provides examples of:

Cool and Unusual Punishment: Kurt has a tendency towards this as well in group settings. Unlike most instances, this actually decides the outcome as it foils Kurt’s attempt to burn down the forest Guude is hiding in.

The B-Team Race to Commander series is ultimately decided by a margin of less than one kill.

The wolf pack has mindcracck named “Guude’s Army. To help make this website better, to improve and personalize your experience and for advertising purposes, are you happy to accept cookies and other technologies?

How did Ninja become gaming’s first crossover star? Getting on Mindcrack is already quite a feat not huv do you have to be a good Minecraft player, your computer setup has to be quite powerful and you need huub be an experienced youtuberbut Shree got on when he was 13! The B Team accuses Etho of this, obviously it was a joke and not meant to be taken seriously.

You could feel a tinge of sadness in Beef’s voice when he expressed his need of tearing it down.