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Their friendship are so special. I mean yes in the “present” of the final episode it seemed like it might happen, but in the “10 years in the future”, she was still obviously married to Takumi. Credits for the av go to whispering-eden. Edit — to anyone curious, the last episode of NANA seems to coincide with issue 42 of the manga. I really need a happy ending.. It doesn’t think, it doesn’t feel, it doesn’t laugh or cry Does anyone know if a second season is in the works?

Thats why most of people who watch NANA can’t just use a harsh judgement on the ending, not even a good conclusion due to how it ended hard to predict what happened with Hachi’s daughter, Nobu and both Nanas anyway , since its quite clearly stated that the plot hasn’t finished yet. I would like to read it I just don’t wanna start from the beginning, I wanna read from where the Anime ended Thanks everyone for the replies!! I thought the end of the Anime was very unffair. I’m assuming Osaki Nana is dead in the future, but I assumed that ever since episode 1. For me, the time she spent with him was when she was really happy. Hachi deserves so much better than a man that treats her like Takumi does, I have no idea how she manages to be happy and stay with him..

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I just wish I had the money to buy them all. I can’t handle the season two wait. BBCode It doesn’t think, it doesn’t feel, it doesn’t laugh or cry Nobu and Ren are the greatest guys in the Anime. I just don’t want to let the characters go, and that’s the only reason I’ll read the anime. Those are the reasons for my impatience to see the second season. I was wondering, we are in already and i can’t find anything about Nana’s second season.


And now to read the manga I want to know more about Shin and Reira, as I think they are, by far, the most interesting pairing in the series even though Hirano Aya’s voice drives me nuts.

Anyways, what I did get was decent enough, yet not satisfying at all. This is the ending? It doesn’t think, it doesn’t feel, it doesn’t laugh or cry I will start reading the manga until season 2 comes out. But then again, she chose the path she walked down, so I can’t really hate the ending, it was perfect in the way it ended. I think I have started watching anime to expand my music collection lol. But go to veoh.

Dpisode movies are like 1 Gb each. Pricey little objects, those manga! In my point of view, it she had stayed with Nobu, she would be very happy and he would help her to grow up a little.

I was so surprised that shin changed that much, and he totally grew! It’s just that I’m really sad right now. I want these characters in my life still. It’s so painful right here towards the meeting for the fireworks thing though.

Almost up to storyline bits that weren’t covered in the anime, yay!!!

Where can i watch nana episode 48 at?

And they shouldn’t have showed that future part first, I already knew how things would kinda shape up, but I was still there with Nobu, my heart thudding a little bit as Nobu reached for the lock. Now that I finished the Anime, i still think that the one Hachi really loves is Nobu. I mean, throughout the entire series I thought that the way Hachi spoke in the narrations gave off a very bad vibe.


BBCode Credits for the av go to whispering-eden. But also if anyone caught this why did Hachiko call Nobu ” Young master ” when she was done preparing the bath for him? More Top Anime 1 Fullmetal Alchemist: BBCode Hear the word.

D hope theres another season Something about the way Hachi speaks just always gave me the vibe that she was talking to a grave, or a ghost. Second season won’t start or go into production until the manga is finished, and the manga is naba on going I think it’s at 80 chapters now?

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I guess it’s time for me to read the manga! Once the Mangaka gets better and completes the manga I’ll marathon it.

As for everyone else, as stated above, there are more questions than answers, especially with the “flash-forward” that did not help with my understanding of the series at all.

I’d love to start reading the manga. And like many people said why Satusko and 74 Sachiko? Nana Episode 47 Discussion.

Is Hachiko even 447 married to Takumi? I wanted to take a peak to the manga as well, but that would be a crime.