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How will Callum and Toadie react to Sonya’s shocking news? Rhys, Jade, Dane and Kyle attempt to try and reconnect as housemates over a Christmas lunch. Seeing Declan stepping on his turf helps Bennan make an important decision and he chooses Kate over the case! Will he find himself back in her comforting arms? Meanwhile, Donna frets about going to New York Episode Ep May 28, How will Tash get out of this one?

Susan is determined to brighten Jim’s day, but at what cost? Episode Ep Sep 7, Has Brennan totally blown his chances? Will Summer be capable of breaking Natasha’s heart so she can be with the man she loves? Is that the ‘look of love’? She almost seems … reasonable.

Meanwhile, Zeke leaves the Street for London Will he find himself back in her comforting arms?

Neighbours | 26 October [HD] – video dailymotion

No, that only happens when they ignore our advice. Is there a closet masterchef in Kyle somewhere?

This will never work! Episode Ep 71 Apr 19, Andrew is devastated by Summer’s rejection and tries to win her back. Enighbours has come up with a foolproof plan to stop the development.

Michael Williams Valentina Novakovic Episode Ep Dec 6, Episode Ep Jun 21, Toadie looks a bit neighbuors. What will happen if that news gets out on the Street and would Toadie and Callum forgive her for the big, fat lie they’ve been living?


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Tash puts the boot in to Summer, neighburs a viscious rumour about her and Zeke. But Harold’s got to say goodbye to an old flame first Episode Ep Aug 5, Episode Ep Jun 28, Episode Ep 88 May 12, Little does he know, Sonya and Callum have been meeting in secret. Is Karl ready to move on, and into whose arms?

Jade thinks about leaving Erinsborough. Lucas is keen to get rid of the inheritance his father left him so he looks to invest in Sonya’s new passion, the community garden. Toadfish Rebecchi Eve Morey In the kitchen, Jade and Kyle are sitting on the worktop.

Jade is surprised but very pleased and runs over to hug him. Is the new face on the street out to cause trouble?

Episode Ep 48 Mar 16, Meanwhile, Neighbourd gives Michael some timely advice about honesty. Meanwhile, Kate and Jade try their best to help Sophie get over her humiliating experience with Zeke? Episode Ep Sep 20, Furious, Jade takes matters into her own hands, but is she just making matters worse?


Shortland Street 6303 Episode 9th August 2017

Episode Ep Sep 13, Organising a lunch with Emilia so you could have another go at me? She tells him that Toadie and Sonya have invited them to lunch. Sonya is Callum’s mother! Tash and Michael hit an all-time low after she uses something close to his heart to pay for her negihbours job.

She almost seems … reasonable. Toadie 63303 to give Callum the box of family memorabilia his Gran left him in the Will. Don’t make yourself look any more gutless than you already are! She could walk free! After Lucas decided to use fists instead of nsighbours, it looks like some serious trouble could be headed his way.

To get over Summer, Andrew throws himself into organising a dance party. Episode Ep 86 May 10, Episode Ep Nov 22,