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Were you talking about us? We closed the topic! How does saying daughter to a girl your didn’t give birth to not bother you? Yes I’m having financial problems but she’s my daughter. I’m the one that raises her, nurses her and stays up with her then she calls a woman she just met “mom”. If she wants, who can stop her? Alper I don’t understand logistics.

Use the HTML below. Yes I work with restaurants, you know I love food. Hazal is Ozkan’s daughter, I think I’ll get some money to take care of her. It’s ok you’re stressed, I understand you. Nowhere, I’m just ironing it. Yes I’m having financial problems but she’s my daughter. She thinks I’m in class.

I’m not her mother, she got mixed up with Cihan Gurpinar’s daughter, and they gave him our kid. Did I tell Ozkan to leave? At a hospital a nurse switches two daughters at birth because their last names are similar. We are talking about your daughter here.

Yes I’m having financial problems but she’s my daughter. A young artist finds herself obligated to sacrifice her love story for hiding a family secret. Are you sure, you’re gonna be standing for 12 hours. Ali Kemal, who forgot his own truth to cover the lies of others, will face his own reality when he falls in love.


Paramparcaa everything that you want does!

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You have power and money, everything. Hazal 93 episodes, Oh what’s her name it’s driving me crazy! I think you forgot where you came from. After dinner do your homework. Sutitles going to go sign up. Omar is a police officer. Is she in good hands? Closing the topic was your idea, not mine.

Didn’t you get money from your mom? If you don’t have money why did you invite me.

Just cause my dad isn’t here doesn’t mean you can go around with other men. Rich family gets the poor girl and the poor family gets the rich.

Wow you never miss a beat Cihan whenever we talk about my mom. Are you calculating the costof 3 eggs? Look I work so hard to make money. Having similar surnames, an absent-minded nurse mixed the babies and nobody noticed.

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Entlish I’ll wait for a call, see you. If she wants, who can stop her? No one can take you from me. You’re so dumb, I swear you’re super dumb.


There’s things for you to sign. Edit Details Official Sites: Visit Prime Video to explore more titles. She’s going to see her exam marks.

Ok I’ll tell you then. Ok I’ll ask for the files. You’re not actually thinking of it? Mom, it’s none of your business. Actually I don’t know if it’s real diamond Wasn’t proposing like that old?

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It’s all your fault! Use the HTML below. We can’t live without each other But thank you. I’ll die without her.

They take stuff and don’t put it back where it belongs, please sit down.