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Thanks and good sailing. A racing watch is an asset but by no means essential. I like the look of both of them so that’s not the issue. Sign In Sign Up. But from my research, battery life is an issue for some sailors – if it is for you, then it is worth checking the reviews of a watch before you buy. Scratch resistant glass – This is worth looking out for. Merrily Administrator Apr 29,

Don’t know if either of these can do that. Stopped using a proper timer and just use a radio controlled G-shock that uses the same time synch and work out time to start from there. I have a habit of dropping them off the side of my boat, leaving them in changing rooms, forgetting where I’ve left them over the winter, having other people drop them off pontoons, and so on. Definitely worth looking for – and lots of these sailing- specific watches now have this feature – but not necessarily a deal breaker. I use an Optimum Time which has the synch function. The buttons are way too easy to hit.

Ronstan Clear Start v. Hi Oliver, Thanks for the comment. The Garmin Quatix I have no idea if this watch is any good. Deimos Member May 1, Here’s my favourite 3, in no particular order:. Only down-side revied that the button labels have very poor contrast.

The face is still leaking but not that big of a deal, but when I do pull the trigger it will likely be the Ronstan as I’ve already encountered one retailer who won’t stock the Gill due to past quality issues in their watches. Were did you buy it from??? I was given a Nautica Sailing Watch a few years ago to review and absolutely hated it marketing team were not impressed but thankfully all the other sailors given it agreed as it was far too complicated to actually use on the race course.


By bloodshotMay 29, in Gear Anarchy. Casio G Shock M GPS – To get this feature you’re going to have to pay bigger bucks. There are equally good watches around for a lot less money.

Gill Race Watch topic. It does look sporty though! I’ve begged them for a way to lock out the revisw so that accidental pushes don’t happen. Thanks and good sailing.

Posted June 23, For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. This gives you an audible countdown for those hectic starts, freeing you clsar to keep your head out of the boat.

I’m especially interested in their sync functions and the Gill lock feature, if anyone knows about those things. Vibration alert – I’ve never had a watch with a vibration alert as part of the countdown function, but I like the idea. Thanks to all these reasons, I’ve a fair amount of experience of different types of sailing watches.

Posted June 22, It is simple, and very much a sailing watch. First I’ve heard of that one. Can’t comment on the gill. Scratch resistant glass – This is worth looking out for. I have a habit of dropping them off the side of my boat, leaving them in changing rooms, forgetting where I’ve left them over the winter, having other swiling drop them off pontoons, and so on.

However, I don’t plan on getting another ronstam because the price is way too high for what the watch is. A Sync option – This is also a very useful feature.

And, much more importantly, it is very reliable. Not sure they still make it. It works, bit not as well as my old armitron and about ten times the price.


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Ckear number display – This can be very useful, especially if you’re long sighted. If you need a digital ronsyan to do other things for you, then this may not be your best choice.

And a bonus watch: I havet the Gill. Merrily Administrator May 1, These look like the same watches that are sold in the UK under the Optimum brand. We don’t use them for anything else. If I was a different person, someone that didn’t always lose their watch, or that could afford to buy a Garmin Quatrix saoling I lost one, then this is probably the watch I’d get.

Posted June 15, The Ronstan had issues with leaks when they were first released last year but from what I’ve read they’ve sussed it out. Archived This topic is now archived and is closed to further replies.

However having the battery user-replaceable was a nice touch, even if they died before being used.

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More than once i’ve had to scramble because a last second maneuver caused me to flex my wrist enough that one of the buttons got hit and I had to rush to push a bunch of buttons to get our starting sequence delivered again. Share this post Link to post Share on other sites. But once you learn the functions that matters not. Posted June 12, Used a clear start for several years with no problems, other than in time mode only shows hrs and mins, not secs.