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He imprisoned her in the house, tracking her movement to make sure she stay in his possession. Retrieved October 31, No romance, this drama is very depressing. AdelaM February 19, at 3: Now let all move on! Why let him pine after her, smile at him when he helped her, etc. Namoo namoo kumaoh-soo sorry about the spelling for delivering this recaps so fast, along with deep thoughts, formidable analysis, concernings, hopes and so more!

Since she is older it does not work. James also stated that the original plot line of the series was to have him as a single father, but the original producers gave him a wife instead. But of course, lets just send her off to America at the end. But Kevin surprises Vanessa by crashing the wedding and pretending to be Trent, helping her save face with her father Vincent Chazz Palminteri. Hannah July 13, I’ll definitely keep up with your blog because I found such a great korean drama through you. You faking faker, earning your freedom the sneaky way!

This drama will center around Paran Hospital’s unpaid doctor Park Tae San, a skillful medical surgeon who has a warm heart but straightforward to a fault. Haha Though a lot of things points towards Se Joo in the end.

Self isolation as the world had betrayed her?

SINOPSIS The Greatest Love Episode 1 – 16 Episode Terakhir

His choice in marrying her doesn’t make her a hypocrite. Future Shin says that is a name he remembers fondly. Jl February 11, at 9: I am teary here! She spots her crown prince Joo Ji Hoon? When Chale notices that his visa has expired, he faces deportation and Kendra faces moving to England with him.

LucyLo February 10, at 8: First season episodes revolve around Kevin and Donna, although Kevin is frequently seen with his group of friends.

Writer Bae teaches a class on screenwriting. Hyun-joo gets Kim Won’s attention for her sharp intelligence, although studying is the only thing she knows how to do. Speaking of Koala… Does anyone know if Koala knows Korean? I really do not like hanging endings.


Do someone has these dramas with you As of December 1,the series was averaging 8. Se Joo tells Mi Rae to get some rest and leaves.

SINOPSIS The Greatest Love Episode 1 – 16 Episode Terakhir

We are tolerant of bad acting if the story is good. I also can’t stand JH’s mom.

His move to NTN, his deciding to report the news, all of that gave Mi Rae something to do to help him. There was a lot of leading male I mean A LOT of leading male who is abusive that I loathe and they were got a good rating…. Great list but add Doctor Stranger: Mi Rae takes out a tape recorder and asks to do an audio interview with him.

I love that smug little smile Jung-hoo sends at Sang-soo and Yo-Yo, who epidode have to work with him. Hey thanks for the awesome recommendations Will be great if you do the same for Korean movies Thanks a lot anyway: Mi Rae and Oppa walk future Mi Rae to the time-travel elevator.

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Season two’s original order was for 22 episodes and was later increased to 24 episodes. I loved all the characterizations, and felt that nobody was wasted. It’s later revealed that Kevin concocted the crime to avoid hanging out with Stewart Alexander Chaplinthe annoying husband of Donna’s cousin Irene Claire Coffee. The final episode had its moments of suspense and unease, but also tons of warmth sijopsis resolution that left me feeling full of hope for what the future holds for these people once the camera stops rolling.

It gave me a sense of contentment not to see the choice made so quickly.

I just read the recaps provided by the very patient Ms. After five stressful episodes there is a little hope that writer make cheerful epizode Retrieved February 26, Those are just his excuse to justify the wrong things he did to satisfy his desires.


Haha I wanted to watch it but I am having my exams now.

I’m just glad for the opportunity to express my appreciation. Retrieved January 30, For me this drama was made to JYH he was going to end with the female lead but everything went to hell. Multiple earlier season two episodes state it’s been a year, but in “Cooking Up a Storm”, it was stated that Wendy has been chasing after Kevin for ten months.

Instead we see her talking to Mirae and saying she is ruining Se Joo. This revision took place sometime around Ep 4 airing. Meanwhile, Kendra runs into her high school frenemy Noreen Kristolyn Lloyd at Enzo’s, and hears about the exotic places the also-married Noreen went on her honeymoon. He will form a love line with Go Dok Mi. If not for his unlucky star of meeting those two clowns and the princess, I bet he’d live perfectly happily, quietly by some womans side Kevin quits another job because he can’t stand taking orders from someone way younger than him.

Shin apologizes and goes work. The actual breakdown of this drama stated to happen when the writer tried to add more of Kim Shin and Na Mirae scenes even though the character Kim Shin has completely failed to win over Korean viewers. I agree full-heartedly that this was to me also a really “perfect drama-watching experience. Haha I am glad I helped. Hopefully in a bright rom-com with a heroine who loves dopey heroes and physical comedy!