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First of all I never said that I respect Zaheer Abbass or Wasim Akram, the point was only highlighted by Zen and khansahab to remind you and I may have also said that, look Munir your own ex-greats to ridicule them I used the word GRATE , like grated cheese, or grated veges. This is herd mentality which is contagious and disastrous and yet most people cannot see it, bakaoz they follow the leader like a flock of sheep with blinkers on their eyes. My point is that SRT is not as prolific a Test player as Laxman or Sehwag and they should be criticised more because they have won or saved more matches for India. The media is trying to get a kick out of that story by highlighting the fact that it is an arranged marriage and may be she is not happy or whatever. When Afridi is playing I want him to score as many runs and take as many wickets. Ecbo, s, gunj, sada, awaz-i-bazgasbt. We are not going to stamp an authoritarian seal that whatever we say is Right and others are Wrong. Gentile, s, but-parast, kafir.

Across, ad, aya ; par, warpar. Dose, s, mantad, dawa-kl paimaish. Sone Ki Chirya Episode We are more liberal than others and allow all kinds of discussions prefer them to be within certain limits. Malefactor, s, bad-kar, gonah-gar, mnj- rim. Yadav beat the batsmen with pace and took three wickets.

India were poor starters because of poor preparation in the past, as well chirta injuries, this time they might have prepared better by arriving in Australia early and getting two tour matches before the first Test.


Inherit, v, miris lena, irs lena, waris h. What is special about this? Hussey has been a pain for many teams in the past. Abash, V, sharminda k.

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Neither Kiyani nor Pasha or, any of the spnay figure went to Dubai it was just Zardari who was hiding under his bed. You are probably alone in thinking that SRT should be blamed more than others for failures in a Test. Bangladesh has not even won any Test matches or even come closer in recent times.

Prettiness, s, Ijihubsdrati, husn, sntbrdf. So, it was just a reference to the past.

Becruit, s, naya sipahi. Estuary, s, samundar-ki khari. Range, v, irasta k. Earlier his nick name was shida. A coup did ultimately happen, inbringing General Pervez Musharraf to power until he resigned as president in August Nevertheless, this work is expensive, so in order to keep providing this resource, we have taken steps to prevent abuse by commercial parties, including placing technical restrictions on automated querying.

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In fact it is Micheal Hussey who is not in form but, he is playing because of his reputation. Inhale, v, dam 1. Forum, Videos, Latest News, Photos urdunewspakistan. This is all pre match fitness, meaning they are eating well and sharing jokes in the dressing room, once they step on the field it could be different story. KHAN on December 23, – 3: If you can say umambiguously that Tendulkar is better than Sehwag and Laxman then I can understand why you feel so disappointed with SRT.


Deaf, a, bahrd, kur, sum. Aperture, s, chhed, surakh, shigaf. Believe it or NOT, Google it and you will know. Conformity, s, mutdbaqat, muwdfaqat. Bevenge, v, intiqam 1. Him, p, nako, isko.

Innermost, a, sab-se bhitari, darani. No, ad, na, nahSn, na.

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If they play well and win I like to enjoy it. The good days are ahead, I wonder what days will that be?

Convincingly, ad, ba taur-i-ilzam, be- shakk, yaqinan. Search the history of over billion web pages on the Internet. Unfortunately some of our regular bloggers are away, sometimes they are too busy not everyone is free like me and they do come back and write.

I always wanted him to be captain because he was a natural born leader and he had won so many titles at domestic level.