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Alien in cave uncredited 1 episode, Jack McKenzie In technical terms, the advantage was that all of the elements were recorded on the original negative, as opposed to blue screen, which would have involved several generations of duplication. For example, Helena no longer used a stethoscope, but a little beeping, all-purpose medical scanner similar to Dr McCoy’s whistling medical “tricorder” on Star Trek. Barbara Bain uncredited 3 episodes, Edward Cogdell After almost 30 years, the original Moonbase Alpha model reappeared in the public eye online when a site gained exclusive access to photomap the model and solicit its sale. Co-Pilot 1 episode, Peggy Ledger Grasshopper 1 episode, Raul Newey Grasshopper 1 episode,

Jim Haines 1 episode, Douglas Wilmer Balor 1 episode, Joan Collins Sandra Benes Zienia Merton remained with the series in an on-again off-again association, but the character only appeared in a fraction of the episodes, albeit more prominently in some than in many of those of the first series. Nurse uncredited 2 episodes, Paul Morrow , base second in command and Main Mission controller. Of Year One, he commented, “They were doing the show as an English show, where there was no story, with the people standing around and talking.

Peter Reeves uncredited 15 episodes, As Sahala, Jill Townsend has a very good reason for shooting Maya. This was to be shorter than the previous two, with 13 episodes, for budget reasons.

Dorzak Production Notes

Ken Burdett 2 episodes, Carter was the only resident of Moonbase Alpha to be absent when the Moon broke away from Earth; instead he was piloting an Eagle spacecraft on a high-altitude observatory flight of the nuclear waste dispersal operation.

The Spae Crone 1 episode, B 1 episode, Godfrey James He and Tony Verdeschi seemed to have a ‘best-mates’ relationship and he was also friendly with Joe Ehrlich and Jack Bartlett, the dorza nuclear physicists who, with Carter, comprised the Radioactive Monitoring Team.


Edit Cast Episode complete credited cast: The second series used more simplified “action-oriented” plots. It ultimately dorzzak fifteen months to complete the series’ principal photography. Gerry and Sylvia Anderson were surprised and disappointed that the public and critics never granted them the suspension of disbelief given to other science-fiction programmes.

He had gotten them a second year after the cancellation, but the changes he made did not benefit the programme. Gerry Anderson had staff writer Johnny Byrne prepare a critical analysis of the first twenty-four episodes, assessing their strengths and weaknesses in order to mount a new and improved second year. Monique Bouchere 1 episode, Pete Irving 1 episode, Jon Laurimore Musician uncredited 1 episode, Andy Sutcliffe Sword of Freedom Archon 1 episode, Peter Duncan Spirit Mateo uncredited 1 episode, Charlie Price This page was last edited on 24 Februaryat Thulian uncredited 1 episode, Bob Sherman Morrow’s Daughter uncredited 1 episode, Maya shared Spock’s logical approach to problem-solving and advanced intelligence, but differed in that she was a charming, dozrak emotional person.

Likewise, it was mentioned in this publication that Morrow and Kano had died in an Eagle crash 19999 seasons, and explained that Dr Mathias, supposedly Alpha’s psychiatrist although he seems to be more Russell’s assistant was on sabbatical doing research.

Winters 1 episode, Nurse uncredited 2 episodes, Christopher Matthews The show’s vehicles, including the Eagle space shuttle and the Moon Buggywere represented with a mixture of full-sized props, photographic blow-ups, and detailed scale models.

Group Three’s commitment to its financial partner, RAIto include Italian actors in the cast also had to dorzaj addressed. Johnson 1 episode, Wayland 1 episode, Newscaster uncredited 1 episode, Colin Skeaping Ted Clifford 1 episode, Margaret Inglis Technician uncredited 2 episodes, Grade had one stipulation: Soace had produced the third and final season of Star Trek in — and eight episodes of the first season of The Wild Wild West including one in which Martin Landau guest-starred before being dismissed.


The Andersons and their team would quickly revamp the production, flashing ahead nearly twenty years for UFO: Eagle Transporter Moon Buggy.

Humanoid 1 episode, The second series was scored by jazz musician and composer Derek Wadsworth ; American producer Fred Freiberger wanted a more “driving, searing” score for his new action-adventure format. Shermeen Williams 1 episode, In lateNetwork finally announced that Year Two would be released in The New York Times.

Companion Gwent 1 episode, Revered One uncredited 1 episode, David Ellison Shaw 2 episodes, Cher Cameron Yesta 1 episode, Carolyn Seymour United KingdomItaly.

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He joined the space programme in the early s and trained with NASA until the late ’80s. Sally Martin 1 episode, While most of the Spafe. Even its successor broadcaster, Television South, failed to screen any series two episodes when Space: Commissioner Dixon 1 episode, As with most second season episodes, this ignores the fact that the Alphans are wandering into completely unfamiliar dozrak and know almost nothing about the peoples and cultures they encounter.