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Newer Post Older Post Home. Personally I would love for a Corridor where almost all videos are as serious and mature in theme and plot as After DayZ. I mean it’s insane that they manage the quality we get every time. I never saw the series, but it works brilliantly as a single film. I dont think that’s possible. Rarely has such a good film been made with such a small budget. Who could have deliberately released a rare and deadly African plague that is now spreading uncontrollably throughout America’s largest urban areas? I love their content and the team.

Well worth checking out. They cast well, shots were perfect, audio was natural and non-jarring and the storyline was unpredictable and original. What makes this evolution and its intriguing ending work is a combination of excellent writing, very good actors and a skillful director — all working with an obviously dedicated crew. There was a powerful soundtrack, detailed costumes, hilarious jokes, fast cars, machine guns, stunning fight scenes, and quite frankly, a production value that made me forget the fact that I was watching an independent film on YouTube of all places. Interesting premise, but delayed in it’s setup. Because I know Corridor can do great things with an IP Nerf Team Fortress and I know they can do great things with an original story the smart watch video, which is probably my favorite video of theirs. No one is just phoning it in here.

And thats what i got. Yes No Report this. Gannon monologues while taking their blood and then Zelda has an epiphany that puts a stop to his talking.


Juan Janice Sonia Lee That said, “Sync” is incredible. Bravo to all involved! Quotes Agent Barney Griggs: Interesting premise, but delayed in it’s setup. Over the next 90 minutes, the plot and characters rapidly evolve into something much more.

Diary of an Extrovert: Movie Review – Sync

The unique take is its urban and dystopian setting, but even that just feels kinda generic in its execution. Questions for the community and Corridor team they stop by from time to time. Where in the op is there a single demand? Not trying to be rude or critical but please learn the difference between a comma and period.


I’m gonna use your comment to gush about After DayZ because it’s still far and away my favorite video from Corridor.

It’s creative, original, entertaining, pretty much everything you could possibly want from a TV show. I think you’re not wrong but also not right, most of the content they make is either something they want to make or something that us as an audience would like to watch, I don’t think they want to make such complex stories and plots for the YouTube channel but, rather fun and simple videos. John Wyatt Jude B.

I mean it’s insane that they manage the quality we get every time. They’re meant to be fun showcases of concepts or effects. The Zelda video was great from the looks and all I don’t know if that’s their writing or actors, but I don’t think they would be able to step up to the plate if Netflix or Amazon came knocking.

Audible Download Audio Books. Like a great piece of engineering, executing a simple narrative structure well is a feat in itself. And then ROT was good for the same reason as Day-Z and it was also an excellent piece of cinematography from beginning to end. What I’m trying to say is maybe they are keeping it shallow for the general audience who aren’t big on gaming? Great Action Scenes throughout the Film. I’d imagine, beyond impractical when you consider their time constraints.

Overall, the video just feels way too rushed. Within 48 hours humans will no longer be the dominant intelligent life form on Earth.

Still, I think that the pros way outweigh the cons, and Sync is a great show. Post-apoc Zelda worked because actual LoZ is often so upbeat that parodizing it with the hyper-gritty post-apoc setting gave the piece a lot of interest.

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It was almost a waste of time in their part, so much effort for props and filming with something thats really not fun to watch. Overall, judging the quality of YouTube Premium series nowadays, Sync is a beast that everyone with a love for web-series and independent productions should watch. And the best scientists writing on a whiteboard scene in existence.


So, this is a hard one to explain, an old YouTube web series that that was then edited into a feature film, it’s hard to say when it was actually “originally” made, but it was around the mark the original series went out ant in early the film was released.

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Want to add to the discussion? Granted, I do think some of it has to do with them just adapting the feel of the game, but even then they did an amazing job adapting it. On top of that, they get some solid story beats into their videos. But in any case I have had many good laughs with some of their more comical videos and really enjoy their current Corridor Crew content.

Urban Zelda is different, but that’s for another thread. Edit Storyline Charlie Cooper is a special agent of the future able to transfer his consciousness to bio-mechanical bodies at will. Log in or sign up in seconds. What they took from the LoZ universe was the hero, the damsel, the villain, companion Navisignature weapon, location one location, and in name only reallyand corridordjgital device.

He literally said nothing about their scripts not being good enough. A couple of backyard mechanics uncover a cache of documents from long forgotten time travel experiments and attempt to build their own device. Their goal is simple, get to the car, so both the characters and the audience know what it is without it having to be explicitly spoken. One of my all time corridordigitap corridor pieces.

Its writing is a perfect mix of action, thriller, and romance, and the plot is singularly unique. Sync Guard Dead Lee The acting is surprisingly well for a YouTube series.

Tiffany Burns, Stephen A. Co-written and directed with Austin Hines by Overall a big plus on this one.