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I think, no I know, Bibi took a part of my heart away with her when she died … I refuse to think of her as just a character … you were just that good! My heart bled for the twins even as I watched the episode.. The show was true to its nature as a social drama, presented by the Kashf Foundation, but was continuously gripping and engrossing. Talkhiyan, you will be missed! This drama is not only a great change from the depressing love stories and in-law issues, it is also aimed at family audiences. It truly is a piece of work apart from the rest.

Thanks SZ for introducing me to this wonderful world of silver wood……I came to know about talkhyian through ur reviews and that was its 15th and 16th epi review.. Thank you, thank you so much.. And other than a few production gaffs Gap? This show gave us two perspectives on unsatisfied youths. Performance wise, everyone was topnotch. This is a show that families can sit together and watch. Some, like Appo, resort to other means… The important thing to remember is that no matter what life throws at you, all the obstacles, all the negativity, our only hope of getting through it all is by being the best version of ourselves that we can be…. SZ, Im watching Talkhiyaan now-a-days..

Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. This is why Zindagi Gulzar Hai is my favorite drama of After watching Talkhiyan I had written a summarized take on it. What were your talkhiyqn if you have seen it? This is one of the classics, in Hx Pakistani drama.

Drama Of The Week- Talkhiyan

Absolutely loved jugnu opening the cage, how beautiful that scene was and then when he rests his head on zoyee…perfect!!

I am reviewing it currently, and the 9th ep just aired yesterday. If Bibi took a piece of my heart with her, I know her kids walked away hefty chunks as well… will always love you as Zoya. But for the time being I just wanted to convey my deepest gratitude for you precious time, your love, unconditional support, and your beautiful words that tied this delicate and intricate story together so perfectly.


We came into this business 2 years ago, and believe me, Talkhiyan is just the beginning. Dey are one of the most dysfunctional family tht I have come across with no emotional bonding with one another and no wonder it gives rise to so much of talkhiyan bitterness that they harbor for one another, especially bibi and her twins who are treated as persona non grata and on- lookers and never welcomed within the folds.

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I do apologize for this rant haha and thank you for putting up with it! Yes Serena, we all have questions in our minds as to what the future holds for Jugnoo and Zoyee… Although the ending is left open ended, it is clear to see that J does recognize his sis Appoji you were wrong! Thank you for rebiew high quality entertainment.

Last episode of Talkhiyan has taken my heart away. The meeting of Jugnu and Zoya in the end was a happy ending in Talkhiyan style. Off to catch Coke Kahani. You added that touch of finesse for me. We know Jugnu has had a very troubled past and Zoya alluded to her difficulties as well. Starting scene began with some emotional monologue by Zoya and lead to witness the last moment shared by trio.

You write so well, always looked forward to reading your comments about revie episode. Take a bow, you all! Narrative through adult Zoya was awesome.

Sadly though he turned out to be a sleazeball, wanting to use Bibi for his own nefarious motives. They are scarred for life: Rather than wallowing in misery and playing the victim, this woman had struggled through adversity to empower herself.


SZLajawab review! I wish in India also people could have made such dramas. Her father refuses to believe drams Paul was capable of the monstrosity that Bibi narrates since he was an Englishman.

The ones you can enter anywhere and inhabit comfortably. Did they remember Paul abusing their mother? Zoyee and Jugnu were a pleasure to watch.

dramma You ask where would they live? The problem with dramas like UBFN is simple: Now with the burden of the world weighing down upon her weary shoulders, a very tortured Bibi could only gaze blankly at the poster on the wall which seemed to be mocking her….

The relationship portrayed between Dawood and Kiran naturally progressed over the course of the show — we saw attraction turn into a connection and that connection turn into the strong bond of love.

A nice, breezy watch! Fill in your talkhiyab below or click an icon to log in: Love the realistic feel, and how each character in this play was neither good or bad but people who all erview so familiar. SZ thanks for all the beautiful reviews…you captured everything perfectly …your way with words is just brilliant!

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Every action had a back story. While from completely different backgrounds, both Zaroon and Kashaf came from dysfunctional families and hoped for something better in their future partners. She was just perfect revieq Bibi.