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The person u trust seems to be the person who betrays the worst and the person who is betrayed ironically is someone who indirectly betrays someone else or just principles he seems to profess. In the play he is depicted as a wise and foolish, kind and cruel, impulsive and farsighted emperor in one breath. Tughlaq by Girish Karnad. Firstly, the play is clever and enjoyable. Myn Singson One of the critical issues that Karnad addresses in Tulghlaq is the striking gap between political aspirations and its reality. He did not make any proper effort to check it except banning it. His ideals kept deceiving him like the ever-escaping mirage. The play depicts him as a man of ideals having a grand vision but his reign was an abject failure.

Tughlaq failed in his attempt to bring out Hindus-Muslim unity. Tughlaq had profound knowledge in logic, philosophy, mathematics astronomy and physical sciences. I found the plot to be multi-layered and would love to read it again a few times. He understood the value of money as not deriving from its intrinsic worth but from the promise behind it: Tughlaq announces, “Daulatabad is a city of Hindus and as the capital, it will symbolize the bond between Muslims and Hindus which I wish to develop and strengthen my kingdom. India follows almost a similar tradition throughout and mythological stories that are popular among the people.

In his opinion all the important persons around him are the players of chess. He was rash and driven by idealism.

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Conclusion The play Tughlaq is noted for its symbols. Divya Choudhary 2 October at Girsh you want something else just let me know.

All his attempts to bring about an understanding between the two varying communities brought distrust. Karnad borrows the Tughlaq of history from the Tarikh of Barani.


What Girish Karnad’s play Tughlaq says about India’s politicians

He is a visionary man as well as man of action. Girish Karnad believes that the usage of myth, kzrnad and moving back to dramma traditional themes are the resultant of western concept, which came with colonization.

As it demands isolation and aloofness from others the game of chess can also be equated with the rose garden in Tughlaq. He lost both men and money in both the expeditions of Khurassan and Karajal. However, read it slowly to enjoy it fully.

He has dialogues but its more like the breadth of his dialogues are huge and immensely poetic than the frequency of dama dialogues. Jun 16, George Thomas rated it really liked it.

Tughlaq A Play In Thirteen Scenes

His part is pretty ironic as he uses religion to becoming involved in politics and tries to justify it to be annihilator of politics and save Islam.

He goes back to local and old practices, which were part of his childhood environment. It is sure that he had many good ideas, but he did not have the capacity to execute them.

Most of the characters in the play admit that Tughlaq has power learning intelligent and talent. The Play takes you back to history and once you’re there, you immediately are able to relate it to Indian political scenario. Tughlaq written by Girish Karnad inis his best loved play, about an idealist 14th-century Sultan of Delhi, Muhammad bin Tughluq, and allegory on the Nehruvian era which started with ambitious idealism and ended up in disillusionment.

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He thought he was building a new world. He is a recipient of the Jnanpith Award for Kannada, the highest literary honour conferred in India.

Tughlaq By Girish Karnad

I think I’ll need to read this book several times before I can uncover the various layers of meaning the play has. I invite you all to accompany me to Daulatabad.

Books by Girish Karnad. Look forward to a movie adaptation or a live performance some day.

He strips the farce and pretence of the emperors idealism right in front of him and the emperor for the first time, is vulnerable to another person’s opinion. Unknown 24 February at In such torn and wretched state he kqrnad the shelter of God who can only save him from misery and the ghosts of the murdered.

The play depicts him as a man of ide Tughlaq is a thirteen scene play written by actor-playwright Girish Karnad about the turbulent rule of Muhammad bin Tughlaq, who ruled from to Ramamoorthi, He That Playeth the Sultan: The Hindus and Muslims looked at askance. Utghlaq started in your path, Lord, why am I wandering naked in this desert now? Story was okayish and there was no twist. Of his nine plays, six are based on myths and legends. Ode on Solitude Happy the man, whose wish and care A few paternal acres bound, Content to breathe his native air, In his own ground.