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Additional support for this thesis might have been provided by Ex. Stern JThs NS 19 [], p. Ota ala nar min 7. According to the account of al-Mufaddal al-Dabbi, al-Nu’man appointed his brother Wabara as governor ,ammalahu on the Ribab and he headed the forces of Dabba in the battle It is evident that she was the direct descendant of al-Harith b. Later, he sent him a messenger and asked Abu Hurayra to give the hundred dInars back, claiming that he had intended to send them to another person. Hisn, the man who conquered Fadak and captured the family of the Jewish goldsmith Wa’il b. Ta’rikhal-Khamis Yisra’elba-‘Arav, ed.

And see the assessment of this tradition ib. And if this is the practice before human beings, who are created from a putrid drop, so much the more so before the King of Kings, blessed be He. Tabdhib VII, No. Ta’rikhal-Khamis Yisra’elba-‘Arav, ed. The same utterance warns against transmitting deceitful traditions, which would be punished with torture in Hell. Abraham Maimonides Kitab Kifayat al-‘Abidin, ed. Finally the Prophet disapproved of taking off one’s shoes, because he objected ikariha to an action being performed during prayer, which need not to be carried out during ritual service. And see al-Haythami, al-Maqsid ai-‘aliyy fi zawaid abi ya’ia t-mausili yy, ed.

A scrutiny of these reports may shed some light on the development of social perceptions, in so far as the transmission of hadith is concerned. Another report has the event taking place in the court2 of the Prophet. Harami el hob 90 min 4. This is your market. Marwan ordered fiin of his mawalr, Slilim b. Some scholars traced back the history of testing the reliability of the transmitters to the Prophet himself; see ibid.


I should also like to thank the following libraries and their librarians: Imtdaal-Asmdc Tafsfr al-bahr al-muhi. Every line of separation was marked by the word ‘iishiratun, surrounded by dots.

Umm Hujayr, the daughter of Abu Rabi’a 38 married a Tamimi from another family: Wabara against the ‘Amir b. ayn

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Assarab min Drama 6. People would then rely on the book and neglect to learn by heart the transmitted knowledge. The shoes of the Prophet remained an object of veneration among the common people and especially among the pious believers. Lieberman, Jerusalemp. A man discovers money in a flour bag. Muranyi in his article: Genoun el hob min Drama, Romance ibnafi.

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Rashid; it contains some more details, such as those relating to the talk of Hisham with Asma’, her cleverness and beauty? Stern London,II, However, it seems that Rosenthal paid insufficient attention to the aspect discussed below.

Shahridar al-DaylamI, Firdausu 1akhbar, ed. The Banu Isra’Il, as already mentioned, heedlessly and stubbornly refused to accept the grace of God to read the Torah by heart; the Torah would then be read by a man, a woman, a free-man, a slave, a boy or an old man. This very pedigree is recorded by al-Baladhuri on the authority of Abu ‘Ubayda: See Abu Ya’la, Musnad, Fi,no.


The son of Salma from her second marriage, Wabara according to some reports Hassan b. A tradition of this kind which was in wide circulation in the second part of the second century is: And he moved into the place of the “Marketof Medina” scil. There is however a difference between the unbelief of the People of the Book and that of those who associate idols with God al-mushrikun ; the latter are stronger in their unbelief Ibn al’ isha,and her role in the conflict i.

Chester Beattyfol. The missing chapter is No.

HanI ordered to copy the document and to send it to all of his governors ahna ordered them to act according to the document. Al-Tabarant, al-Mu’jam al-kablr, ed. Abraham Maimonides above, n.

Kogyigit-Cerrahoglu, in EarlyArabic index ed. Others prohibited aiding the authorities only in deeds directly connected with iniquity and oppression, and allowed cooperations in other fields. Ibn Taymiyya had no knowledge of such a tradition.