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Not everything shiny is gold. But as Gaidar indicates, it was nei- ther money itself nor its amount that was socially meaningful. Dur- ing the twenty-month campaign, market value fluctuated between four and twenty dollars Boycko, Shleifer, and Vishny , Unlike the authors of the Conceptual movement, Kara-Murza sees this aggression against cultural values of the nation not as a product of ex- ternal forces. Small talk with neighbors and friends was frequently peppered with ritual complaints about being left in the darkness ostavili v temnote and being cut off from the rest of the world otrezali ot mira. Now some of these people drink them- selves to death; some toil for their masters.

Yet, in contrast to some of the more promi- nent Russian cities, there was no radical erasure of the important cultural objects of the past. Following the new procedure, President Putin nominated a new candidate for governor who was quickly approved by the local assembly. Everyone is as isolated as a grain of sand. The scenario of seizing governance suggested that everyone and everything could be connected, if only through informa- tional pressure. Those who managed to steal a lot, they rose above others [ podnialis’]; they opened their firms; they became oligarchs. What symbolic resources did they draw upon in order to produce meaningful structures in the context of uncertainty? Theoretically, etnos helped to isolate the constructivist view of ethnicity.

As Putin framed it, We should acknowledge that the collapse of the Soviet Union was a major geopolitical disaster of the century.

This confluence of administrative and financial power produced a certain political stability and perhaps stag- nation. The deadlock lasted through the summer, and was resolved unexpectedly: The quote also suggests an inter- esting semantic triangulation within which the meaning of the mother- land emerges.

The war, the general insisted, was both a source of patriotic values and a source of veterans who had been able to transmit these values to other generations. Culture and society after socialism. The popularly shared linkage between money and lies or capital and corruption resulted in yet another important strategy: And the main symbol of patriotic education today is precisely this: However, practices of this control were not formally institutionalized.


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Initial fragments were turned eventually into meaningful clues, unified by the implicitly pres- ent organizing system. These groups are all created by those who have access to the levers of gover- nance. By the end of the s, the term was further applied to the period of the post-Soviet transition. Yet even this third is located in the coldest part of the world: The main city boulevard, fittingly named after the Bol- shevik leader, is still punctuated by three old statues of Lenin iflm every universanyi miles.

Small talk with neighbors and friends was frequently peppered with ritual complaints about being left in the darkness ostavili v temnote and being cut off from the rest of the world otrezali ot mira.

And where did Chubais study? One can gain by cheating, or by chance, or by building a quantitative superiority. Eighty- three Russian soldiers were killed; all of them were awarded highest military distinctions post- humously Khairulin6.

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Log In Sign Up. For an extensive discussion see Olcott Some time ago Shakespeare wrote: Actually, it had been a problem throughout my en- tire fieldwork in Barnaul whenever offices or private apartments were not available for meetings.

It was precisely this ideological-cum-managerial post- Soviet elite that became the main target of global influence, the authors of the Concept in- sisted. No longer associated with the labor invested in the object of exchange, exchange-value became solely dependent on the interplay between supply and demand. In this case, the symbolism of ancient decadence was combined with references to less distant examples of Hollywood glamour and bandit chic.

Both reflect the tendencies explored throughout this book. Barnaul Altaiskii krai, Russia — Civilization. Characteristically, various leaflets fre- quently pasted by neocoms and Pokolenie fipm the city demonstrated the same tendency.


The region itself was framed as a part of cultural property that could not enter commercial circulation. In his comments on the impeachment, the chairman of the Fed- eral Election Committee summed up the general disappointment: But more importantly, you know that slodat enemy cannot have victory.

An antigovernment meeting in Barnaul. As he pointed out, to be effective, the regime of noncoverage must compensate for the decreas- ing confidence in xoldat with the increasing faith in the abstract aspects of exchange and representation This book explores the patriotism of despair that is also rooted in disillusionment and aimed at providing distance from painful reality.

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The region has no gas or oil; the city is not a major transportation hub. What is quite distinctive about these forms of connectedness is a par- ticular type of fixation on the things being rejected. After half an hour, the electric power that the regional administration provided for microphones and loudspeakers was mysteriously turned off, effectively forcing the group to leave.

Along a main road that runs from downtown to a suburb there was a huge link of a metal pipe, left behind by gas workers some uinversalnyi earlier. A set of materials on the results of the elections, published by Altai slodat in the summeris a good example of this interpretative strategy Chernyshev Within a decade, a state-dominated economy became an economy with mixed forms of prop- erty ownership: At Harvard, that is to say, in America.

Organized by Death Conclusion: Metaphors of spatial and cultural fragmentation that often framed this search for post-Soviet mean- ing could be read as a form of symbolic cartography.