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You did not disappoint me. You will not visit me. Mahir follows Feride home and proposes a second time to her. Melih wants to apologize to Kara family and ends up with a big surprise. Brother Halil, would you get us fresh tea…. They just informed by the telecom that the man you saved last night from beating….

You are the one that stopped me. I do not know if they had some sort of problem with Ayten. You come and sit. Brother Halil, would you get us fresh tea…. As he said, the tyrannical cannot make us leave our properties. If they are after the truth, of course. No,you already were looking after me the whole night, you go get some rest.

I came to answer you. But look I am here, is it not so? See our usage guide epixode more details on embedding. Or else I will break your bones. First let us go home and rest. Sell the shop and let him go.

That shop is a memory of your deceased mother. In fact, he has three children and his soul under pressure. But we saw that you were being stubborn, and we said let us do our duty.

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But you came as someone who ate his own words, not as someone who knows about that decision. But Mahir Kara is not an easy man. Ggeek I want this to happen Kerime?


You are a policeman that managed to infiltrate himself in between us.

Turgut rapes Ayten, Necdet tries to kill Ibrahim, Nazif tries to escape from prison to see his injured son Mahir. No, I will go to karaadayi washroom, wash my hands and my face. After the trial Feride leaves the town to get away from Mahir. As you know I have some work at the police precinct too.

Why are you here? My fear is they will reach their objective quickly.

The capable man is the one who extend his hand and take it. You will be my wife soon. What do you think?

Yasin waited for her at the theater. Tamam, officer, Good day. It was as you spoke about it.

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I did not come to you because I believed that I will respond to Sinan by myself. Mahir escapes from the hands of Berdan the snake. Maybe she passed by the university. Why did you get involved with Sinan, the person who we wanted to call our son-in-law and entrust our daughter to, in these dirty games? Who is disturbing the neighbourhood? You have to ask the brothers next to me. Turgut threatens Ayten not to say a word to anyone that he raped her. They are not allowing me to meet with him too.

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She’s also decided to take Mahir with her. Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. He could not wait because he was so excited. You will behave as it suits you. But all this was not enough to you to go and threw charges against innocent people and play with their lives.


The weather is beautiful, plus I have some dossiers I need to review. Their lives and the lives of their family turn upside down when their shop in the shopping area is dismantled. I do not know, maybe when he falls in love and his liver grieves I will go to him and take his pain. His father is being charged with the murder of the head prosecutor.

Ismet go give Nazif the news and let him come, it seems he did not hear about the incident. You are taking care of all of us abi. How could you sleep peacefully? Falls in love with Mahir Susb without knowing that he’s son of Nazif Kara.