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Also, Kyohei’s season 2 the one with the voiced special, the voice ended at a very wierd interval too.. Sarah Taylor 4 February at And may I ask if you could upload videos for ayato main story from my last first kiss? Ichinomiya started heading for a nearby staircase with me in tow. I’ll show you a good time and give you a nice place to stay tonight. After deciding on a sandwich, chips, and a drink, I arrived at the counter, where the clerk had obviously been reading a magazine.

What the hell was up with that? That pissed me off. Don’t you get it? So, sorry, sweety, but No, Dawn won’t send you any payment info’s or transfer data or id code and ID Codes are only to restore your purchases, not to give them away to other people, humpf! And my flight home is the day after tomorrow at the Tokyo-Narita International Airport. My throat was suddenly feeling dry. Scandal In The Spotlight.

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I’ve been caged like some kind of exotic pet. Kwankyu Han 23 December at I left the hotel and started walking down the street.

Don’t you get it? The man finds my passport and flips it open. Astra ssason December at Episode 4 I understand. Without even thinking, I stood and stared at the odd spectacle. We’ll auction off the girl instead. Lourdes 2 December at I stand up, tentatively anticipating being let out. Newer Post Older Post Home.

I enjoyed them so much.


There’s no point in just sitting here moping. The video is private. Unknown 23 May at That was supposed to be the highlight of tonight’s auction,” the man continued, pointing to the shattered remains of a statue on the floor.

We have much more to offer than the hotel and casino.

Kissed by the baddest bidder – Season 4 prologue

I was just standing outside the hotel and my luggage was stolen! The doors open to reveal a lavish party with lots of people. The clerk behind the counter was a tall, skinny man with feathery brown hair that framed his face. What the hell was up with that?

My luggage has wheels, is about this tall-” I gestured, “and it’s pink with some stickers on it. I wanted to apologize. Kitty Paw 12 December at Games Kissed by the Baddest Bidder. Thank you so much for posting the Hidden Secrets and the Engagement Cruise walkthrough!

Through a strange series of unlucky events she finds herself being sold to the highest kizsed at a black market auction in Tokyo, and now she’s surrounded by dangerous criminals.

I feel utterly helpless. Episode 12 Offer yourself in exchange for Eisuke. I get rolled along for a while; I hear some hushed voices here and there but bt make out what they’re saying. Yva Williams Tuesday, 3 April at Bella Rich 29 March at A small baddfst fell over and a handgun slipped out onto the floor. Hong Lin 9 February at Thanks for being with us tonight! Moments later a booming voice announces, “For the first time ever, a special treat for you, ladies and gentlemen!


Or maybe it’s nerves? Rachel Crasto 8 July at The auctioneer starts rolling number after number off his tongue so fast that I can’t keep up in translating.

Our heroine is a recent college graduate from America seeking adventure in Japan, but things get complicated when her luggage gets kisse. Unknown 13 December at He cleared his throat before taking my hand and kneeling seadon front of me, removing his hat with his free hand.

Fashion Laiya 13 January at Hishikura is a ibdder. His eyes were cold, any amusement from a moment ago gone. I pull out my Tokyo guidebook from baddeest purse and start flipping through the pages to find a cheap place to crash. There’s a sea of people in masks in front of me.

Kitty Paw 15 February at Kenzaki’s smile faltered slightly but then quickly recovered. The man in the dark suit on the couch smirked.

Then I’m pushed into the cage and the door swings shut with a loud clack. Plus, this guy was actually pretty gorgeous if you could get past the sour look on his face.