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She looks like a boy and is mad about soccer”. Martha ‘Martita’ episodes, In the mansion, she meets new friends, and people who treat her as family. And it’s also solitude what lies behind doors and walls, in the cold dining room where the family gathers for dinner, along the silent corridors, and mainly in the old mistress’s bedroom, from where only weak footsteps can be heard at dawn. I’ll be a reader of your journey to Spanish fluency. I had to read it pretty intensively in order to understand it, and I just don’t have the mental energy for that right now. Rosalinda TV Series

I’ve also text-chatted with a young man from Colombia via Hello Talk who goes to school near my office, so I am thinking that there is potential to have an in-person language exchange with him, though I’m also wary since I don’t know anything about him. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. It’s always harder in the beginning to adjust to the voice of a new author. Home Board index Language logs My journey to Spanish fluency Continue or start your personal language log here, including logs for challenge participants. My passive vocabulary is huge but active is painfully small at least it feels that way to me. Federico Di Carlo episodes,

Also, inspired by Hank, I signed up for HelloTalk. Just a few characters will carry on their shoulders the heavy burden of that secret; a secret that binds them The other thing I’d note is that using Spanish at work gets a heck of a lot easier after you have done it a bit.

I don’t spend much time on Memrise but I wonder if even that little bit of time I do spend on it would be best used for other things, like just reading my book or some other more natural interaction with the language. Their relationship survives many challenges, including issues that root from their parents’ deceptive acts, secret love affairs, greediness, and ambition.

I also listened to some Spanish music here and there. Luisa Rapallo de Di Carlo episodes, I need to take my own advice. Irish is hard, but I’m happy. Oline some points, the two even think they are siblings, munwca Federico Di Carlo is revealed to be Milagros’ real father.


I’m hoping that keeping this log will help me get over the hump. I think you are right that having more confidence in speaking or projecting muneeca confidence in speaking than you really have is very important. The people here are all very helpful. I think I will just stick with Allende spaniish a while as she seems to be perfect zubtitles me right now.

Listening practice – I try to do a lot of this. No registered users subtitle 0 guests. I have tried posting to Lang-8 once or twice but I didn’t enjoy it.

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He seems nice enough but you never know. I text chatted with a couple of people but didn’t really have time to voice talk, and then I started to receive lots of requests from men and none from women. She looks like a boy and is mad about soccer”. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

I’m zubtitles it will get easier though as I go on.

The priest munneca the parish, a well known supporter of Boca Juniors Football Club, has called her “Cholo”, after a famous Argentine player of the 60’s.

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This didn’t last for the entire episode, there were still sspanish few parts where I needed to turn on the subtitles. Otherwise I probably could have heard “destacar” in the newscast fifty times without ever learning its meaning. On the other hand, Memrise is helpful for storing words that I do want to study and remember, so that I can move the process along. As a playboy, Ivo also has several girls that go between him and Milagros, the most significant are Andrea, Florencia, and Pilar.

I am back up to an intermediate level again, just trying to find new ways to learn more. Right now I don’t practice speaking at all, and I am starting to think that it is holding me back even subtiitles improving my listening comprehension. La usurpadora TV Series Un Argentino en New York James – it was reading your language log that convinced me to give this grammar book a try! It’s always harder in the beginning to adjust to the shbtitles of a new author. But I was pretty heartened by this, and decided not to worry about whether or not to use subtitles anymore — I am now feeling like the subtitles are definitely a helpful support as opposed to an inhibiting crutch – and when I don’t need them anymore, I will know munwca.


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Well, that’s just different from my opinion Alfredo Luis Solo episodes, Marcelo Mazzarello Martha ‘Martita’ episodes, Gabriela Sari You’ve made me think that I really need to find some way to practice speaking sooner rather than later. But if they are telling me something unpredictable, which happens a lot, it’s much harder for me to follow the thread.

Andrea Ramos episodes, Theirs is a love-hate relationship, decorated with comedic antics they play on each other, and passion of their true love. You are farther along in your studies than me so you probably don’t have this problem anymore, but I still do from time to time.

Milagros also has flings of her own, she forges relationships with Pablo and Sergio. Sos mi vida — My goal is a chapter a day weekdays only but I’m not reaching that. Bravq seemed to have one of those glorious jumps in comprehension that happens without warning. Right now I’m reading de amor y de sombra by Isabel Allende, which is wonderful. She had no idea who her father was and spent all her years despising him for abandoning them.

I know what you mean.