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I love that the writing broached this sort of moment and how it’s unafraid to broach this ugly, undignified moment in the life of a young woman trying to get over her first relationship. Bitterly, but with Love, Hot Cocoa October 2, at 9: I felt serious alarm bells when she started liking him simply for liking her, but it’s also such a true-to-life situation, especially for someone so young and inexperienced. I seen a fair few dramas with UEE now, and she has not managed to convince me in any of them. We all do that at least once before realising no man is worth letting go of one’s dignity. And I worry that she’ll coop things up inside and blame herself for what’s happened. Yoon-ha and Joon-ki miss each other by a hair when she arrives to see her sister. He’s been guilty of either hiding or shading the truth, but this was all-out honesty.

Like many others, it appears that I am only here for the 2nd leads. Episode 4 by Regals. CS is similar, only that he is not delusional. Im definitely on JH side but i agree with you. She storms out of the car and gets to work on cooking, but is too emotional. Scoller December 12, at 2: Please bitch, stop the act. Her eyes when she found out that the letter was from Hyo-jin and every time she spaces out, you just want to hug her!

In a way, JH and Taek are quite opposite.

Those glassy, dead eyes killed me: Like Eun and her little sister, and Ji-won and Hyo-jin’s man. So who reached out first? Sung-min can sense something off and follows her out.


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This had been a very traumatic episode. Sunwoo’s mom and Taekie’s dad! Because I think it is safe to say that JK eepisode have stuck around if he’d had to put up with more than just spoiling CS a bit.

Did I just make an excuse? Big Momma 3 episodes, I was reading Dramabeans’ news feed about AM when I came across the initial casting call.

Use the HTML below. I feel like the new actress Ji-Woo shines best in scenes with her housemates: And why does it always have to be some sort of kidnapping or life endangerment to turn that lightbulb on? But what got me around and still strongly rooting for him is that moment in the bedroom–that one tender moment when we all expected he’d say no again to Deok-sun, but he surprised us by saying yes he’ll go. It can be tough when someone gives up on a relationship as soon as the initial fire is gone, and I can’t help but feel that Jong-yeol is at a point in his life when his instinct is to move on as soon as the honeymoon phase is over.

Ja-hyun asks what happened with Jung-hwan, and they squeal in delight at his answer.

Once Upon a Time in My Heart – Episode 11

Because, real talk, the signs that this pair could head this way were always there between them in the first season. A lot of people are criticizing him mman calling him an asshole but I don’t see it that way. Will Jang Hoon always not mind being shorter than Eun?

I totally agree with this. Everything I’ve seen of Jong Yeol last and this season gives me no reason to suspect him sinpsis this episode.


I Am the Night

A coming-of-age story set against the backdrop of late s counterculture, which follows a disillusioned teen recruited into a storied high school for assassins. Probably to inflict more pain and to prove her stupid preetty. Finally, he storms out of the house. I also don’t think she followed Sung-min and their hoobae to the restaurant purely just for the purpose to tease him. Jo Eun is precious. This thought crossed my mind too.

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The next morning signals a new day: As if on cue, Sun-woo arrives, and in walks Taek right behind him. And i disagree to the thing that Ji Yi might be easier to act, sometimes simple characters are hard to portray interestingly. CS needs to overcome his own pride and realize he does not have to marry-within-class in order prwtty prove his worth to his parents.

Still in bed, Ji-won turns over and looks at her journalism award that reads: Because admit it, we all love Chef and it’ll be a fun plot twist if Jang-hoon gets beaten up instead! Yeah i agree, he is super lucky but he is kind of nan his luck happen as well if you know what i mean.

And they barely had a conversation!

YH is a much more complex character and whose mind and emotion changes by the hour.