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Guess what came up? Better yet just screw everyone and tell me more about this Yuu-chan. He should really stop coming in between my OTP. We say Sasayan smiling on the outside at the center of the group, holding his true feelings inside. I do wish that Haru and Shizuku had made more progress though. I have no idea why; it was like the best website. Acchi Kocchi watched in youtube http:

Shizuku December 25, at 9: Highway December 25, at 4: He practically only said that the whole anime. From saving his life, to cooking immense amounts of food, to becoming a magician, to risking his own life, and best of all, to sculpting ice. If you have any problems with the registration process or your account login, please contact us. But I love his hair. Excuse me if I spelt wrongly He is nothing special in the show, but definitely would look good with Evangeline.

Lyn December 25, at Pluto got jealous and. I recommend e;isode animes below but note though they are English Dub as I dont watch sub: Hope I helped your anime and manga frustrations!

Anime recommendations ?

Together they are Pretty Kyurem. In truth, all the girls were really enjoyable animee44 the whole cast was really fun! Acchi Kocchi watched in youtube http: It was also a faithful adaptation to the manga.

Kind of like Kyouya ourangiving my cute little Nai a hard time in the anime forgot which episode. It had many funny and heartwarming moments.


Their relationship is great. Now there are like 5 photos of my life to photos of anime. And of course, we need more Yuu-chan. Frankly, I came into this episode expecting to feel sort of depressed — a great show coming to an end too soon, likely without any kind of resolution to the relationship issues at the heart of it. Shizuku will never choose him and that is a fact. It has the same 3 manga rule though, and that sucks… I have to keep deleting mangas from my favourites list.

Definitely enjoyed this series, had me laughing to the very last second. This is annoying enough, but then it’s then used again later — and each time it’s somehow coincidentally simultaneous. This is a fact. Too bad though, because just when the picture was starting to form, Pluto came in and blew fire at them. I get that they want us to read the manga but still. I am glad you enjoyed the show.

Jasmin Meyer May 18, at Now go out and buy some Blu-rays and manga to show them how much their work is appreciated. On the other side, it lacks quite a bit of emotional involvement, and the characters often just don’t make sense.

On his way there, weird stuff happened and he ended up in Creepy Room with his print thing on the floor. Well, this episode was really nice watching all characters. It usually takes really long, so what I do is press check now, stay for 2 seconds, go back to home then click on it again.


But ever since they met one another, all the other characters started to revolve around them. Why I even wrote this post was because I was being insanely creeped out. Or is it just me?

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Ever since I fell in love with Akashi. He has purple eyes and ginger hair I think. I enjoyed the series, but I wish the ending was a little better.

This chapter really made my heart clench. And the most recent chapter said the anime would start airing in April!! Then, when the ground is friendlier later, he plans to make his move. Her face when she realised Haru held no romantic feelings for her was priceless. This episode kaibuts-kun as flamboyant of an ending episode as most anime.

Nice End credit with Christmas theme. Alice, in my opinion, is very cute. I swear Haru became retarded over the series. Registration is fast, simple and absolutely free so please, join our community today! I am going to patiently wait 6 months for the announcement of a season 2, and if not, read the manga.