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He upgrades the Tracer with technology from Stark Industries without Tony Stark’s permission, accidentally giving it the ability to produce multiple copies of itself. Spider-Man doesn’t know it yet, but Hulk is actually fighting Zzzax. As a result of the re-fusion, Agent Venom gains a new look. The Green Goblin abducts Peter and forces him to bond with an improved version of the Venom symbiote which he refers to as ” Carnage “. When Spider-Man Noir shows up, he doesn’t want Spider-Man and Kid Arachnid to break up the gang war because since they last saw him, he lost his Mary Jane in an accident caused by Hammerhead’s gang, for which he blames Mr. Howard the Duck Hit-Monkey M. The 91st Academy Awards had a few shockers in store, though many frontrunners from the critics and guild circuits claimed Oscars. On Halloween night, Spider-Man’s team are tasked with delivering a half of Tekamentep’s Ankh an ancient Egyptian artifact to skilled vampire hunter Blade.

Lists of Marvel Comics animated series episodes Lists of American children’s animated television series episodes Lists of Spider-Man television series episodes. At the end, Harry Osborn finds a sample of the venom and trains it. A mysterious new superhero dressed in black and with similar abilities to Spider-Man appears in New York , and attracts positive public attention. Peter suspects the new hero to be Venom, but his teammates dismiss his suspicions as jealousy. Retrieved July 2, They discover that he is an evil Peter Parker working to drain the energies of every spider character. Using the shard of the Siege Perilous, Spider-Man and Kid Arachnid are sent on a trip to the different dimensions to collect the shards. While it successfully restores his arm, it eventually turns him into an irrational reptilian mutant called the Lizard.

Spider-Man neutralizes to return his original form, but Carnage now still stands without needing a host.

Sony Expands ‘Spider-Man’ Universe With ‘Venom,’ ‘Sinister Six’

Audible Download Audio Books. Dracula has obtained both halves of Tekamentep’s Ankh and has most of Spider-Man’s team under mind control. Left unable to contact S. Spider-Man reluctanly injects himself with a serum to epispde him of his powers in order to keep Aunt May safe. However, the things will get even more complicated.

Mary Jane convinces Spider-Man to help her with an exclusive interview for the Daily Bugleeventually this is cut short when the Hulk is seemingly terrorizing the rest of New York City grabbing Spider-Man’s attention to stop him. Spider-Man’s team fight the Wrecking Crewbut they end up unintentionally causing massive amounts of property damage.


Wolverine and the X-Men — Even when Spider-Man and Captain America free Shriek and people from the Carnage symbiote, Anti-Venom then goes around destroying the Carnage symbiotes that have possessed the civilians and even sacrifices itself to destroy the larger Carnage symbiote that’s on the building and Harry becomes aware of Spider-Man and Agent Venom’s identities as Peter Parker and Flash Thompson, respectively.

Edit Iltimate Official Sites: Retrieved July 29, Use the HTML below. Spider-Man and Kid Arachnid must help the vampire-hunting superhero Blood Spider get the first shard from the Lizard King a Victorian version of the Lizard and his most trusted hunter Wolf.

As Spider-Man fights the Sandman clones, Iron Spider stumbles upon a secret laboratory where Doctor Octopus has captured Sandman and cloned him so that he can find the “Ultimate Sandman” that will join the Sinister Six.

Academy students and Sandman are enjoying a game of volleyball, Spider-Man sees Nova crashing into the Triskelion. Peter Parker struggles to split his attention between completing his science fair project with Luke Cage and combating Juggernaut. Norman Osborn is revealed to be aware of Spider-Man’s identity as Peter Parker for some time after recovering the memories of his time as the Green Goblin.

Kipling visit a museum on Halloween. Spider-Man soon starts to realize Deadpool is not a true hero. Connors’ serum, Spider-Man transforms his team back and defeats Green Goblin. As Spider-Man and Agent Venom work to reclaim the Venom sample, the experiment enables the revival of the Carnage symbiote. Retrieved September 29, Use mdy dates from October Wikipedia articles needing rewrite from January All articles needing rewrite Episode list using the default LineColor Comics navigational boxes purge.

Search for ” Ultimate Spider-Man ” on Amazon. The further adventures of the Marvel Universe’s mightiest general membership superhero team.

A young man with spider like abilities fights crime as a superhero in New York City while trying to have a epiderman personal life. A team of five teenaged superheroes save the world from many villains around their city while experiencing things episose teens face today.


When by accident he made the tracks of Connors disappear, turning the Lizard completely. As a result of the re-fusion, Agent Venom gains a new look.

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The two of them stumble upon a plot by Doctor Octopus and an armored-up Vulture to raid Oscorp in order to access the computers so that Vulture can learn more about his past. A ultimte of the Justice League animated series finds the original members of the team joined in their battle against crime and evil by dozens of other heroes from the DC comics universe.

Spider-Man helps Power Man discover what really happened to his parents. Spider-Man follows his enemy to the futuristic world of Marvel which is drawn epjsode CGI and helps boost the confidence of Spider-Man Another new villain dubbed Mesmero switches the minds of both Spider-Man and Wolverine in an attempt to take over New York. Venom resurfaces, using Harry as his host again.

Using the shard of the Siege Perilous, Spider-Man and Kid Arachnid are sent on a trip to the different dimensions to collect the shards. Spider-Man invents the Spider-Tracer, a high-tech tracking device he plans to plant on fleeing villains.

Doctor Octopus captures Spider-Man and takes more blood samples for his experiments. While Spider-Man is determined to inject the Spidrman with ulyimate formula that will make him human again, Doctor Octopus plans to turn Norman back into the Green Goblin.

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Their first stop is a Victorian era -themed world that’s spidderman infested with vampires. With Thor also having been shrunk, Spider-Man’s team must find a way to help Thor fight Loki and the Destroyer Armor and return to normal size. Carter became the first African American woman to ever win best [ This time, Venom is targeting Harry’s neglectful father Norman Osborn.