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Around episode 14, the ending imagery begins showing images of all five girls instead of images of just Yucie, and while the ending theme title doesn’t change, the wording does change slightly. My Goddess SoltyRei — Ah! The Legacy — Dual! A Platinum Princess receives the Eternal Tiara, which grants any wish, but only to the one it judges worthy and only one wish. Views Read Edit View history. The judge’s identity is hinted at when she uses her magic staff to change all of the candidates’ clothing similar to her own. The prince was her childhood romantic ideal, but her seventeen-year-old heart falls for Arc. Diebuster Gurren Lagann The Movie:

Yucie faces the cloaked figure once more and demands that what was lost be returned. Out of friendship for Yucie, and to support her wish to save Prince Arrow, Glenda, Cocoloo, Elmina, and Beth all renounce their candidacy, making Yucie the only choice. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. A Voyage to Remember Her memory of him is vague, and he was an adolescent at the time, so she has no idea what he may look like now or what kind of person he’s become. Aka Shikabane Hime:

As the girls continue to grow emotionally, their Platinum Princess candidate pendants grow in beauty and brightness as well, reflecting how much wisdom they have obtained.

The story centers on Yucie, a year-old who is trapped in a year-old’s body, and follows her and spisode friends, all of whom are designated as Platinum Princess candidates.

Sparkling Phantom A.

Thus, there are many similarities between characters in the Princess Maker games and this series. However, in one final twist, the girls realize that those not chosen by the Tiara will simply vanish.

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The Fairy World Princess” “Nazo mata nazo! The viewers later discover that all the candidates are under the same year-old “curse” and their rivalry quickly turns into admiration for one another’s determination in reaching their common goal. Destruction Gall Force 3: A Voyage to Remember The Animation- No One is Alone In the end, Yucie and her fellow former candidates are readmitted into the Academy for further study.


Heaven’s Lost Property the Movie: The Legacy — Dual! After careful thought, Glenda, Cocoloo, Elmina, and Beth ask the judge to erase Yucie’s memories of them, so that she can return to orincess Human Realm in time to save the prince.

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Tenkai no hime genru! Television series Wandering Son Kotoura-san Forte Persona 4: The viewers discover that the ruined empty world that was the place of judgment is actually the lost Magic World, a sixth realm in this story’s universe.

The Movie Ah! Her father, Gunbard, feels responsible for her misery, since he was the one who put the Tiara together and restarted the Legend in their lifetime.

Yucie’s only wish now is to save the prince with the power of the Tiara.

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By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Poly-Matrix Tenchi the Movie 2: When she encounters a young man named Arc during one of her odd jobs who looks so familiar to her, she has conflicted feelings. Xenoglossia Kantai Collection Kashimashi: Animation works by screenwriter Jukki Hanada. Godannar — To Heart: Of note, Yucie’s appearance is based on Lisa, the daughter from Princess Maker 3 ; the judge in the final episode has the same appearance as Maria, the daughter from Princess Maker 1 ; and the young Queen Ercell has the same appearance as Olive, the daughter from Princess Maker 2.


The judge was actually a Platinum Princess Candidate 1, years ago, a princess of the Magic Realm, who refused the Tiara to save her friends, but lost her epizode and her world to destruction as a result.

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Welcome to the Haunted House” “Mieru? The judge’s identity is hinted at when she uses her magic staff to change all of the candidates’ clothing similar to her own. Summer, Special Re: The Warrior Strike Witches: This reverts briefly for episode 19 with the ending imagery returning to what it was before, while the wording remains slightly changed. The girls are resolved in helping their friend and saving the Fairy Realm by defeating the ancient evil Diablo who threatens the existence of all the worlds.

In a side-story arc, Yucie is also hoping to find clues about the lost prince of the Human realm, who once saved her life while she was lost in petute forest, looking for Sunset Blossoms, and whom she wishes to meet in person some day princesw thank him.

Takami Akaithe character designer for the Princess Maker series of games also by Gainaxwas the character designer and original creator for Yucie. Yucie’s power covers the ground with Sunset Blossoms, and a Crystal Flower emerges from the ground to the hands of the Princess of the Magic Realm.

The Angeloid of Clockwork Persona 4: The final story arc begins with the final test in which a magical judge will oversee the Tiara’s choice.